Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hi Everyone,

I know it's crazy... we've been posting non-stop recently. I guess life as a designer has become pretty exciting after all LOL.

Well just wanted to let you all know that we have this fabulous freebie available for at The Daily Scrapper:

(image is linked to the freebie section of the magazine)

and here are a couple of layouts with it:

by me

by Toby

Very cool magazine by the way. Lots of interesting stuff. They have an interview with Faith True there as well, I've been on her CT for a while now and the interview made me feel like I know a bit more about her as a person now rather than a designer....

Oh... and under classifieds you can also find a coupon for our store at SUN if you are interested, as well as a bunch of other cool coupons.

Don't forget our Speed Scrap tonight at Get Digi With It
It will be a ton of fun and we have a little prize to all who participate:

That's it! Happy Scrapping!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


We have a gorgeous new kit in our stores!!! It's INFUSION. Just the thing for a relaxing and fun time with some photos and your computer! It's spa related full of beautiful, peaceful and inviting elements. The papers are textured and of course, per our style, very artistically painted!!!

The word art, bottles and ribbon flowers are just the thing for your layout!!! It's available at Sunshine Studios and at GetDigiWithIt. And, you can get it individually if you don't want it all...papers alone or elements alone.

Don't forget, Jan 31, Saturday at 10:00 pm, Vanessa is having a speed scrap at GDWI. It's so much fun! and there's a bonus for attending. ViVa's Potpourri Alpha! It's fresh, it's funky!!!

So, here is now your freebie, a template pack of 2, from a couple of my own LOs that I did for CRD! And here is one I did using one of the templates with ViVa's Motherhood kit:

It's a photo of my mom, my grandmother, my girls and me done a few years ago. I love this photo and when I go back home to visit, I want to take another one. My grandmother (oma) is still alive at 90 and I want a current photo of all of us! is the freebie:

Links expired
Enjoy it!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


OK, here's the news with us! We closed the CT call early, today in fact. We had quite a number of applicants and only wanted a small number to start with so...we will be announcing our new CT in the next day.

Vanessa will be hosting a FUN speed scrap at GetDigiWithIt on Saturday, January 31 at 10pm or 22.00 Eastern Standard Time!!! She did a speed scrap recently at Sunshine Studios and it was a lot of FUN! Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to join in as it'll be 4am for me (I live in the Netherlands) and I'll be sleeping!!! Sorry!!! But, if you go, you get a fabulous LO out of it and a participation goodie and TONS of fun!!!

And, a few secrets: a new kit (I can only say it's fantastic, LOL!!!), 2 new freebies, a new CT! Read about it here in the next few days!!!

I'm signing off with an LO I just did for a challenge over at GetDigiWithIt. It's called Paper to Digi where there is an inspiration piece from a real paper scrap layout. You have to take your digital layout that you create based on the piece and make it look as real as possible. I love this much fun!

This is using our Romeo & Juliet kit. It's a photo of DH and I under a cherry tree in Kyoto's Imperial Palace. We lived in Japan, 3 blocks away from the old Imperial Palace for one year. What a cool place. My girls played at the playground there!!! It's actually been turned into a public park and once a year, they open the palace to the local public to view. Otherwise, you can only visit if you are a tourist and hold a foreign passport.

Have a fantastic Day!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

ViVa's First CT Call

Alright, can I just tell you guys what a huge plunge this is for us? Vivie and I have been debating on whether to have a CT since we started. Having been in multiple CT's we told ourselves we would only do it if it was something that our CT members really enjoyed and had fun with. So we really hope that the structure we chose works out that way!!! (crossing fingers)

So here it goes!

Wish us luck!

Motherhood kit is now at GDWI

Check out Get Digi With It! Motherhood kit is now there for 25% off!!!

Look at this LO from LuvfromIndia!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ViVa Artistry is now at GDWI

Our new store is at Get Digi With It! And we are very excited to join them!!! What a fantastic bunch of ladies!!! Our newest kit, Romeo & Juliet is our very first one there!!!

And look at what gonewiththewind has done with it:

Talk about a fabulous scrapper!!! She is absolutely the Queen!!! Thanks so much Cheryl!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Links Fixed

Hi everyone!!!
Just figured out we had issues with the links to our freebies!!! I'm sooo sorry about's all worked out now so all the links/passwords work...please let us know if there are any other problems!!! thanks so much for your support!!! And enjoy all the freebies!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Our latest kit: Romeo & Juliet! For Valentine or any romantic time! We loved the 1996 movie version of Romeo & Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes so much that it inspired this kit!

And, until Valentine's Day, get this wordart Steel Love for FREE when you purchase the kit!

It's a great value if you get the complete kit rather than the pieces available for sale! Check it out here!

Motherhood quote freebie again!!!

OK, I totally goofed big time!!! I had a type-o on one of my wordart...INSIDE was spelled wrong!!! Thanks for catching it for me...I've reposted the freebie with CORRECT text below...please forgive me!!! For the life of me, I should be shot! I edited manuscripts in real life, for gosh sake!!! How could that slip by me? Anyway, please accept my apologies...the preview has not been changed, but the file itself has. Thanks for downloading and enjoy!!!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Motherhood Quote part 2!

Here it is, a little delayed I'm afraid. Sorry. I got sick, catching it from my DD and DH and was in bed for all of 3 days! But I'm sure you've seen our new kit:

and it's available at Sunshine Studio Scraps. This kit is super versatile. Take a look at some of the layouts done with it!

by Evitangel:

by Unica (none other than Vanessa, herself!!!):

by luvfromindia:

by cynthiacozumel:

Amazing LOs!!! OK. Here is the freebie for you!!! This one has some adoption words:

TYPE-O has been fixed...preview has not!!!

Links expired!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Kit, New Freebie

Hi everyone, long time no blog!!! I hope all of you had a wonderful Holiday time and wish you much love, peace and happiness in 2009.
Holidays around my house was insane... with two guests from Brazil, waaaaay too much food and a brand new Wii Fit that made sure to tell us where all that food was going LOL.

Vivie and I wanted to start the first with a new kit at the store and well... we did it. How's that for keeping up with resolutions ;)
"Motherhood" was inspired by Paul Gauguin's Maternite and La Orana Maria. It's an earthy, nature-based kit that represents the most basic instincts of motherhood.

Being a mother to me has been such a roller coaster of emotions, with excitement, fears, concerns, joy and of course unconditional love. That's exactly what this kit represents, motherhood in it's bare form. Hope you enjoy it!

And of course, we couldn't release a kit without a little something for you guys. Actually this time, we will have a two part freebie for you. Here is the first part. A set of wordart with Motherhood quotes that I enjoy. Vivie will be back with her share sometime next week, so keep an eye out for it.

Links expired!

Hugs and Love,