Thursday, April 16, 2009

Card Making

Today, I'm gonna show you some of my cards that I made. I've made cards for a long time now and started some hybrid cards late last year. And, wow, is it fun. I've been looking at all these great blogs and publications on hybrid cards. Have you seen "Sheetload of Cards"? That is an amazing website with an amazing bunch of how-tos and ideas for cards!!! Anyway, I just wanted to show off my batch of cards I made recently...some of them for Vanessa!!! LOL!!

Those of course, are Prima flowers with beads and pearls for centers.

The floral part is done in 3D, which is really popular here in the Netherlands. It involves a lot of cutting and then putting these thick adhesive pads between the graphics. I also used a paper tear scrap and the stamped tag does come out.

You can see the layers here.

This card came out of left-overs and whatever was left of a bunch of papers and stickers. It's plain but hey, it can be useful.

I'm planning on creating some cards using ViVa's papers. The painted ones should look amazing! I just love that with a few snips of this and that paper, you can come up with a gorgeous piece of art to give to someone that shows your sentiment!!!

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