Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bits and Pieces and Things

So, have you a need for bits and pieces and things? Here are some new little things you can find at our shops!

Clusters for our Sail Away kit:

and wordart/alpha:

and on sale this week for Sunny Sunday at Sunshine:

OK, I also have some really awesome freebies to show you but they are available only at other blogs, our CT's blogs!!! Here are some views and links for you!

These are some wave templates Eryn made up for you to use when you use our Sail Away kit:

It's at: Eryn's Scraps

Here's a free QP from Katie made from Sail Away:

Get it on her blog here.

And this is from Tonje, another free QP:

Get it on her blog here. Go to the June 2 post.

All of these are amazing!

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