Monday, August 17, 2009

Back with Template Challenge Layouts!

So, I'm back from vacation at my in-law's place in Denmark. And DH is home for another 2 weeks so he is renovating my upstairs floor (from carpet to Pergo). Sorry about not being consistant lately but I had erratic internet while I was away (had to share a connected computer with 7 kids; and the computer is OLD-I almost killed it!) and now, I'm tearing down wallpaper off my girls' rooms and painting before DH does the floor there!

Take a look at these fab layouts from the July Template Challenge (No, I didn't forget it, and yes, i'm emailing you your participation gift!!!).

from Elsina

from Tatiana

from Tammybean

from Lorry (using our Motherhood kit!!!!)

from Osli

by Kovaxka

from Beckag99

I love all the different ways you used this template and what you put in each square! The template is just versatile enough for all of your different styles and ideas!!! And you all are so creative in your ideas! Thanks for playing along. We're gonna continue this challenge next month since this month seems to be flying along faster than I want it to. Be on the lookout for your PP!

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Elsina said...

I love all those layouts! I don't know how to contact you, so hereby :) Looking forward to the next template!