Wednesday, September 30, 2009

QPs at the DigiChick and OCTOBER BLOG TRAIN

We're starting the month out with an October Blog Train!!! It's our first time joining in the train and the MEGA kit you get is just awesome!

Before we get to that, we have a new item at DigiChick, QPs for the What Alice Saw There kit:

These QPs are done by our awesome CT member Eryn Herbert! And take a look at her original layouts she took them from:

The QPs are at 20% off introductory price at the Digi Chick today!

Be sure to check out the Oct. Blog Train blog for all previews and if you get lost with this huge list of blogs! Also, all our freebies should all still be linked up so check to the left of this post for the list of our freebies and enjoy them!!!

Here is our preview of our portion of the kit (click on the image for links!):

The next person on the list is Twin Mom Scraps ( and enjoy your MEGA KIT!!

What Alice Saw There

Just a short post for today. I saw something in the Somerset Studios publication website:

Alice in Wonderland (Newsstand Date: March 1, 2010) The theme for the Jul/Aug 2003 issue of Somerset Studio was Alice in Wonderland. So popular was this theme and issue that we're bringing it back! Get inspired by the madcap adventures of little Alice. And feel free to interpret Alice through Tim Burton's eyes, as we anticipate his long-awaited film that honors this timeless tale by Lewis Carroll. Send us all of your mixed-media creations featuring Tweedles Dee & Dum, the Caterpillar, the Mad Hatter, and all the other fantastic characters from Alice in Wonderland to be considered for the Mar/Apr 2010 issue.We must receive your artwork by October 15, 2009.

For those who do hybrid, this might be something you're interested in. What better kit than the WHAT ALICE SAW THERE kit? Here's your opportunity for getting your work published!

So, i'm preparing for the start of October, it seems September went very quickly! The October Blog Train will be starting up and we are part of it for the first time!!! Be sure to stop by and pick up our portion of the gorgeous MEGA KIT!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Be ready. I got a super long post for you! YAYYYY!!! We are now at our new home! THE DIGI CHICK. Yes, girlfriends, we are now official DigiChicks!!! (click on the blinkie to the left!) We are so thrilled to be there. Both of us love the DigiChicks and so looking forward to making that our home base!

If you click on the DigiChick blinkie, it'll take you there! And, you'll get to see our newest kit there! WHAT ALICE SAW THERE! Yes, another Alice kit. But you know, we have the most amazing illustrations in our kit!

And here's where we introduce to you our friend, illustrator Yvonne Banham. Her sketches and drawings are just amazing and she has allowed us to digitize her drawings!!! You've seen her work in our Princess Frog kit. This is one lady IN LOVE with her pens and paper and I don't blame her, with her talent. You will get to see more of her in the next weeks. More on Yvonne in a bit...I wanna show you what our team has done with our Alice!

OK, so the kit has papers, elements, wordart, and an alpha!!! It's a good deal right now with TDS introing it at 20% off!!!
Also at 20% off is Yvonne's CU pack of mushrooms. We've digitized her amazing drawings and offering it as CU packs. We'll be doing more with Yvonne in the next weeks! Take a look at her blog and portfolio here.

AND, at Pixel Canvas, we have Organic Baby in the shop! That's right 2 new kits from us!

This kit is organic looking and very versatile to use with a minimalist point of view. It's sweet, it's simple, it's very textile driven, and perfect for those who are not into the traditional colors of pink or blue. (Don't forget we have that great fabulous freebie for you, the (S)heros Alpha, at PC!)

So after that lengthy post, here is your freebie! A matching glitter set to What Alice Saw There!
We hope you enjoy it!

You can download it here!
Password is: alice

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some News!

We've got a two new kits and a CU pack coming!!! And a new store!!! You'll find out in a day or two!!! Just thought to keep you in suspense. We're so excited to let you know!!! Take a look at DST's Happy Place and play our game of guess where we're going and win our newest kit available tomorrow!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Another freebie for you!!!! It matches our gorgeous new kit available at Pixel Canvas, have you seen it:

All about the women in your life, your mother, your sister, your aunt, your grandma, even you! Anyone who is a (S)hero to you! Soft, sweet, tough, grungy, strong. Describing all a woman is and can be!

And your freebie today is the amazing alpha to match it!

Download here!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Birthday freebie!!

Happy birthday to me....actually, it's tomorrow, Sunday, but, we're starting it up early! Don't forget the 41% off sale at Pixel Canvas shop only and it runs Sat and Sun on New Zealand time so it's earlier for the rest of us! What am I doing this weekend? Nothing special. Last year was the milestone so this year, it's quiet. I asked the kids for Season 5 of Alias dvd set...(yes, i know, i'm a nutcase, but i loved that series and i missed the whole of season 5 cause I moved away) And I am a huge fan of most of JJ Abrams productions (LOVED the new Star Trek)!!!

One daughter starts school Monday and the other starts on Wed so Thursday, i'll really celebrate with everyone back at work and school!!!! OK, enough, here is your freebie...a small pile of vintage type papers, just a small assortment you can use in your layouts, that you can cut out or use as is..just click on the image for the download! ENJOY!!!

Another Birthday Sale

It's my birthday this Sunday and I'm giving the gifts!!! I'm turning 41 so ViVa is having a 41% off sale at Pixel Canvas!

September 5 and 6 (NZ time) and only at Pixel Canvas...all kits 41% off! And come back on the weekend for me to give you a gift!

Any (S)heros out there?

We have a new kit at Pixel Canvas on the theme of (S)heros!!! A superb kit to scrap about someone you admire or even about yourself for a BOM!!! It's soft, it's tough, it's fragile, it's hard, it's roses, it's metal! All the aspects of yourself!

And, check out the word art! HUGE, I say. Vanessa got carried away with it! 16 pieces!!!

And here is what our fabulous team did with it!