Thursday, October 15, 2009

Organic Baby is now at the DIGICHICK!!!

Some news for you: We have closed down our Pixel Canvas shop. We really loved being there but both of us have real life issues that warrent our need to be in only one shop at this time. My family is in the middle of moving countries again. This time to Denmark where DH got a new position and so I'm up to my eyeballs in packing boxes and logistics. We've done this several times in the past but it doesn't seem to get any easier and does anyone realize how much stuff accumulates in such short periods of time?!!!! At least this time, we won't have the problems of oversized american furniture trying to fit into small dutch houses! Except for my American queen sized bed that couldn't make it up the stairs and had to go thru the upstairs balcony (thank god for that!!!) and will have to go the same way to get it out of here!!! We have to be in Denmark the first of the year so i apologize ahead of time for being bubble headed from now til then!

OK, so Organic Baby is at the DigiChick today! and we have added a seperate paper pack for those who like just papers. We have added a Stacks version for those who need to do some fast and easy scrapping. AND, Eryn, our wonderful CT member has done a fabulous job on a brag book with bonus baby announcement!

And look at Eryn's brag book:

here's the bonus:

and this pack contains not just the two above but also some wordart as well as masks for one of the pages! It's a great deal. Don't forget all of the above are at 20% off!!! Eryn also has a freebie QP made from Organic Baby at her blog (check sidebar to the left!) so head there and grab it while you can!
Here are some stunning examples from our Creative Team!


Heather T. said...

You have a 'uuuuuuuuge creative team! And they made some very lovely pages... Good luck with the packing. I'd moved 14 times by the time I was 7, and every 3 years since then (with one exception). This last move was nigh unbearable, and I really wish to never have to do that again!

Lorry said...

Yay! Denmark will be so lucky to have you :D