Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Early Black Friday and New Releases!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!!! Ok, being in Europe, I (Vivienne) don't have much of Thanksgiving. Only if we have current American friends living here (expat community moves around a lot) and at this time, our closests American friends moved back home and others are on holiday!!! And my DH is in Denmark at the moment finalizing our house and everything else prior to our move next week!
And tomorrow being Black Friday, it's time for another major sale in digiland!!! I love Novembers!!! ROFL ROFL. Some really fantastic sales are happening. And at the DigiChick, we start early! 20% off most products and with a $15 purchase, there is a fantastic collab from the designers for FREE!!! It's available only this weekend!

Here's a preview:

And what do we have for a new release this week? Thought we'd save you from Christmas kits galore!!! We did a gypsy style kit that will work with almost any type of memory layout!

There's a lot of unique elements in this kit. You'll love it's versatility. Here's what a few of the TDC girls did with it:

Look at what our CT did:

Here's a tip: for those of you who are our loyal fans, you got sent a coupon this past week, check your email! Use it for additional savings this weekend!!! It's the perfect time for it!

And finally, have you checked out DSA's the Fix this month? Guess what? We're part of it for the November issue!!! For $3 you get mini kits from 4 different designers and I know for a fact, those minis are not sooo mini. They are just about full sized kits so it's a fantastic value for your money. This month, we're in it, as well as Fruitloop Sally, Studio Jen, and Lliella Designs. And, take a look at the questions DSA came up with for our mini interview. So hysterical!

Go grab the Fix, it's soooo worth it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

CU goodies in the store and freebie!

Have you seen Yvonne Banham's doodles in our store? We're digitizing her awesome little doodles (cause she's a pen and paper type of girl and Vanessa and I can only deal with computers, ROFL) and she's got a new set (click on the TDC blinkie on the left to take you shopping)!

They go perfectly with the Shoe Fetish set released just last week:

They are just awesome! And if you go to her blog now, she's got a CU freebie for you to try out!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Release Today

Today is a new release day at the DigiChick. So much goodness unveiled there! Here are ours!

A fabulous journaling product complete with masks, wordart, and glitter all in one:

The perfect date product:

and a CU doodle drawn by Yvonne Banham herself:

And did we tell ya? We're part of DSA's November Fix!!! Yes!!! It's there now. So happy to be part of it and we had a great time working on the grabbag! Head over there! For only $3 you get 4 mini kits made by some great designers. And those minis are not really that small!!! They're actually quite large so it's a great value overall!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's New???

We have 2 kits released at the DigiChick and a new CU pack from Yvonne Banham!!!

Vintage Luau for those beach shots or tropical vacation holiday memories:

very bright, very eclectic, very ViVa!!! Here are some awesome layouts made by our CT:

and Princess Frog, a great fantasy type of kit that works just as well in the traditional look.

and here are the layouts to drool over:

and finally, the new CU by Yvonne:

All three are available at introductory price today and tomorrow only!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can you say BOGO???

So last week I went for my first ultra-sound. I was so excited to finally see my baby and I got this technician who turned the monitor to herself and didn't say a word to me for the whole 15 minutes she took doing my scan. Yes, it did take about 15 minutes for the scan and I was already freaking out thinking something was wrong with this baby. So after she is done, she says "ok. I'll send it all to your doctor". So of course I say "well, is everything ok with the baby?", that's when she looked at me and said "yes..." (insert realization) and go "you know you are having twins, right?"

Can I say SURPRISE!!! She turns the monitor to me and sure enough... there they are. Baby A and Baby B. Wow... it still hasn't completely sunken in. Two babies for the price of one LOL... I guess that explains all the sickness right? I'm very scared and a lot goes on in my head throughout the day, but I'm also incredibly happy and thankful for this gift. I guess the mix of emotions is normal given the circumstances hehehe.

Now for the celebration... Vivie and I wanted celebrate the news and thought: how about giving our clients a BOGO of their own? So there you go from today (11.11.09) until Friday (11.13.09) buy any of our products at the DigiChick and get another product of equal or lesser value entirely FREE!!! For each free kit, you'll have to place a seperate order. So if you want two kits free, place two different orders.

ps. any stories and advices on twins you want to share are more than welcomed! Funny to think that after two pregnancies and deliveries I can say that this is ENTIRELY new to me ;)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy DSD and Freebie!!!

I hope all of you are having an amazing DSD and buying lots of fab products!!! Don't forget that the DigiChick is all at 35% off and that includes all of our products. We have our first ever grab bag there:

And I know some of you picked this up when it was a freebie at Pixel Canvas, but we're offering it here on our blog for free for those who didn't!!! Enjoy!!! (click on the preview!)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NEW NEW NEW at TDC and a Grab Bag!

So what's new today at TDC? We've got two new old kits! Yep, while i'm working on packing and Vanessa is getting over the worst of her morning sickness, we're re-releasing the kits we had at Pixel Canvas! And this time, it's Wanyama and Herbarium. So, if you didn't get a chance to grab it before, it's on sale today! Not only is it at new release day but it's International Scrapbooking Day and everything is on sale at TDC! 35% off!!!

So check out what our CT did with each of those kits.

Wanyama is the Swahili word for animal. And here is our version of a zoo kit, gone sophisticated and "adult", a bit altered, a bit arty. You'll like it if what your looking for isn't the cute, kids type of kit.

Herbarium is a take off an old vintage gardening diary. It's a bit grungy, a bit funky, a bit vintage and perfect for earthy type of layouts!

And now, for the grab bag! It's our very first Grab Bag! 6 new element packs and it's available at The DigiChick along with a bunch of other grab bags the designers there all have created. Imagine to be in such company! Still amazing! The Grab Bag is yours for $3! Here is the preview:

and here is what a few of our CT did with it so you can have an idea of it's contents:

So now it's time for the reveal. I know some of you don't like surprises. I don't. I like to know what I'm buying or I won't buy it! So if you want the surprise, leave the blog now! Here are the previews of each element pack:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Coupon for YOU!!!

Hey hey!!! I'm in a good mood today! We got a house rental nailed down so at least we won't be homeless in Denmark!!!'s a coupon for you all:

40% off anything in the store!!!
expires Wednesday November 4

coupon code: VV_BlogSale