Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NEW NEW NEW at TDC and a Grab Bag!

So what's new today at TDC? We've got two new old kits! Yep, while i'm working on packing and Vanessa is getting over the worst of her morning sickness, we're re-releasing the kits we had at Pixel Canvas! And this time, it's Wanyama and Herbarium. So, if you didn't get a chance to grab it before, it's on sale today! Not only is it at new release day but it's International Scrapbooking Day and everything is on sale at TDC! 35% off!!!

So check out what our CT did with each of those kits.

Wanyama is the Swahili word for animal. And here is our version of a zoo kit, gone sophisticated and "adult", a bit altered, a bit arty. You'll like it if what your looking for isn't the cute, kids type of kit.

Herbarium is a take off an old vintage gardening diary. It's a bit grungy, a bit funky, a bit vintage and perfect for earthy type of layouts!

And now, for the grab bag! It's our very first Grab Bag! 6 new element packs and it's available at The DigiChick along with a bunch of other grab bags the designers there all have created. Imagine to be in such company! Still amazing! The Grab Bag is yours for $3! Here is the preview:

and here is what a few of our CT did with it so you can have an idea of it's contents:

So now it's time for the reveal. I know some of you don't like surprises. I don't. I like to know what I'm buying or I won't buy it! So if you want the surprise, leave the blog now! Here are the previews of each element pack:


Heather T. said...

I'm so pleased for you guys--congratulations! Those kits were awesome to play with!

Mumure said...

LOVE your Fully Masks,wooow!!!