Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holidays and More!

Hi everyone, Vivienne here. So, today, the moving truck gets here and my household gets packed up for the transport to Aarhus, Denmark. I've been packing up a storm the last month and making final arrangements. Me and my girls head off to a CentreParc for one more week here in Holland. DH goes up to Denmark for the unloading and will return early next week for us. So internet will be on and off for me for the remainder of the month (YIKES!!!). We also will be heading to California for Christmas to spend some time with my family (YAYYYY!!!). We like to make it complicated, no???? ROFL...So, Vanessa is holding down the fort here at ViVa while I'm out and about for December and I hope to get back online in January.

So, here is this week's new releases. We have two minis to tie in the holidays coming up. Since Vanessa is Jewish and I'm Seventh-day Adventist (Christian), we decided to come out with two holiday kits, a Christmas mini and a Hanukkah mini. Yeah, I know, there are a gazillion Christmas ones. Here's one more to add to your stash!!! BUT, if you celebrate Hanukkah, I know there aren't quite as many, and you may like this one:

I just love the colorations to this one and let's talk about the bling!!! Yep, it's shiny all right!!! So pretty with this modern take of Hanukkah!

Here is the Christmas one:

This one is in the not so traditional colors of teal and fuschia! It's a bit hotter and a bit funkier with bits of glimmer and glitter. And both of these are minis so a bit less expensive than a full kit and right now, don't forget, it's at 20% off intro price at the DigiChick!

Here are some fabulous eye candy made by our CT!

Check out these cards Vanessa made:

And look what Linda (at the DigiChick CT) did with Lights:

Enjoy these holiday kits, everyone!


Galina said...

i love this new kit! Kit is soooo fantastic!

Deb said...

Without any a doubt, the best Hannukah kit ***ever***. I love it!

ViVa Artistry is: said...

Thanks Deb :)!!!