Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh the Happiness

Just found out my brother is coming this weekend to visit from Brazil. I'm sooo happy. My brother and I have been best friends since I can remember, and I don't get to see him that often (about once a year). He's also the best uncle ever, my girls are crazy about him, so I know we wil have a great time. sure he drives me crazy sometimes, but then, which brother doesn't? LOL. Here is a page I did of the two of us when we were little. I absolutely adore that photo and thought it worked out perfectly with Unbreakable. The layout was also done for Vivie's scraplift challenge over at GDWI (check out the challenge here). 

AND.... I finally scrapped my girlie riding her bike. NO TRAINING WHEELS!!! She helped me out with the page. And chose everything that should go in, including the paper. Now... of course when she picked that paper my first reaction was... "ooh, should we cut you out and place you on those mounts?" and she said "noooo mommy, then people won't see the real trees we have behind our house". .. That's right, I confess, I have a non-extraction girl... must have taken after her daddy LOL. Here is her page. I'm very proud of her. Next step, scrapping her riding on the road. That's right... we've gone to the concrete now and she is doing fabulous!!!

The page was done with Faith True's La Naissance du Printemps

Don't forget to grab our latest freebie below as well as check out our collab with Heather T. Route 101.

Hugs and love to all. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Collab Kit and Freebie

We did such a fun thing! We teamed up with Heather of Heather T at GetDigiWithIt and made a cool kit. You know she's from the northwest coast so we decided to use that as our inspiration and what a cool kit it is! Here is the preview:

And you can find it at GetDigiWithIt, Sunshine Studio, and Digital Candy!!!

And since no new kit is a new kit without a freebie, here ya go!


Click on the preview and it'll take you there (it's Media Fire, not 4shared)!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sibling Joy is now at 50% off!!!

Go on over to Digital Candy and get Sibling Joy at 50% off!!! It's all part of the grand opening for us at DC:

And as before, first person to get this kit will win a gift certificate for $5 in our store!!!
7 days worth of $5 gift certificates! Good Luck!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I scrapped!!! That's right; since I started designing I rarely have time to scrap outside of our own kits... so I'm pretty excited today. Unfortunately it wasn't the bike photos I was hoping for. I went with Tofu instead LOL... just couldn't resist using Faith True's "Asian Inspired" kit. I had been planning on scrapping my dd's addiction to tofu for a while, so here you have:

I'm promising myself to scrap those bike pics before the mid of next week (together with the other gazillion things I put myself to). So I should have some of that to you soon.

Talking about scrapping. Digital Candy is having a CT contest... very cool stuff for those of you who love to scrap, love a challenge and well, love working with some awsome designers (including us hehehehe). Go check it out. it looks like a blast! If you are interested in participating email ctapps@digitalcandy.us with your favorite gallery and a short bio.


Another Release at Digital Candy

And for today, it's GLITTER DAY!!! Both of our glitter products are on sale at 50% off!!! Yes, that's right!

First person to buy either product wins $5 gift certificate for more products in our store!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grand Opening at Digital Candy

We are back on at Digital Candy and DST!!! Yeah!!!! And, continuing with our grand opening at Digital Candy, we have this kit at 50% off for today only!

And, the first person to purchase the kit gets a $5 gift certificate for future sales!!! That's another free kit!!! Enjoy it!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Urrrrgh!!! Frustrating

Can I just say how frustrating it is that DST is down? Now, here is the thing, you wouldn't think that one site being down in our community could be this upsetting, but I'm on DST ALL THE TIME.

I love reading the posts there, finding out what I NEED to buy hehehe, post our promotions and on and on... it's only when they are down that I realize how great a place that is LOL. I complain about it being slow at times, about too much information, but then when it's down it's like a part of my day is missing.

I hope they can figure out what's up soon, as much as this is frustrating for us, I can't imagine how frustrating the admin over there must be feeling.

In the meanwhile, our big "debut" at Digital Candy is still on. We have Dream of Peace AND Infusion for half off today!!! DC was down yesterday as well, so we decided to keep Dream there for an extra day ;)

Oh... on a good note, my oldest (who is 5) is learning how to ride her bike without training wheels. Now there is a tough job for a parent to do LOL... you just know that they are gonna fall, but you gotta do it anyway. She is doing wonderful!!! and I'm about to take her on the sidewalk (we've been doing it on the grass for now). She still has to learn how to stop and get down though. For now she "dismounts" it like a bullrider at a rodeo ROFL. She kinda jumps to the side with her hands up in the air and leave the bike to crash to the other side. Hope to have some layouts done soon for all of you to see ;)


Sunday, March 15, 2009


We are very pleased to announce that we are now available at Digital Candy!!! So happy to join a fantastic group of ladies and a guy. Have you seen their forum??? It's chock full of challenges and events!!!

and, if you can't read the image, it says:

ViVa Artistry is NOW at Digital Candy!
Grand Opening Monday, March 23.
Look for ONE new product/kit each day at 50% off!!!
Seven days of FUN savings!
AND MORE, ...the first person to purchase each product product of the day, will win a $5 gift certificate to our store! That's a chance to win $35 in gift certificates!!!

WHOOHOOO!!! That is a lot of kits you could get with the gift certificates! All for buying a kit at half off!!! That's 7 different kits in the next 7 days at 1/2 off!!! Each kit will only be available that day for 1/2 off. It'll go back to normal price the next day. So don't wait!

Friday, March 13, 2009


It's Dollar Deals at GetDigiWithIt!!! ViVa Artistry has these up for $1, today only!!!

ViVa also has a new border set based on the Unbreakables Kit!!!

And, on Sunday, It's Sunny Sunday at Sunshine! and here's what we're planning to have go on sale:

Monday, March 9, 2009

NEW KIT and new freebie for you!

We have a new kit and we are so excited about this....we love the colors and the whole idea. It's all about families and generational so it's a bit heritage but in a very modern way. And, it's versatile enough to go for more than that. Here's a look:

and of course, we have derivitive packs for you if you don't want the whole pack. But, why wouldn't you? The whole shebang is now on sale for 25% off!!! It's at Sunshine and at GDWI!

and here is the add-on freebie with a sampling of what's in the kit:



Vivienne (and Vanesssa)