Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CT call and Pixel Canvas

Have you seen our CT call? We are looking for some fresh talent for our CT!!! Easy peasy requirements, 2 LOs per month on any kit of your choice but if you choose, you have to create! Post to DST and our stores' galleries, and enable us if we deserve it. We're low key and fun!

Call ends May 26, email us with info about yourself and your most complete gallery link to vivaartistry(at)gmail(dot)com. You will all hear from us!

So, have you been by to Pixel Canvas lately? There's some new designers there! Heather T is there along with our old friend 5Angels who now is the CU designer there!!! She is just an amazing scrapper, designer and photographer. We met her over at our old Christina Renee stomping grounds!!! Take a look around at our kits there too. They are exclusive to Pixel Canvas!!!



The colors are crisp and clear, bright! The themes are about yourself since scrappers always scrap about other people and never themselves!!! You'll love all the possibilities with these two kits! And, be on the lookout for more kits! We're guesting there at Pixel Canvas for another month!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Challenge LOs

OK...just look at these awesome LOs!!! These are for the May template challenge!

This one is by Cupcake and she used our Unbreakable kit as well as the Autograph Mask!!!
What a combination!

by Lizzy

by Lorry

There is still time to do an LO for this blog challenge. Join in and you'll get a participation prize from us end of the month!!! Grab the template in the post below!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

May Challenge Continues on!

We've decided to continue doing the Template Challenge (Candy Mold) that we originally did at Digital Candy here for the month of May. I'm gonna post all the ones who have done here and if you want to join in, put your links into the comments section and I'll be sure to post your LOs here also! At the end of the month, you'll get a Participation Prize from us!!! We really want to see what you do with this template:

Click on the template image to download the template!
Here is what we have so far for the first half of May!!

From Kimi:

From Snowbear:

from Cjoy2day:

from Geniabeana:

from Ellay:

from nvr.4.gtn:

from SunshineState:

So, c'mon! Join us in this template challenge...grab the template and scrap us a page, doesn't even have to be our kit! We'll send you a participation prize the end of the month if you post in our comments!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lottery Winner!!!

YAYYYYY!!! We have a winner! It's Amanda (Salamanda1920) who's won the $25 gift certificate for the Mother's Day Lottery we had running last week!!! Enjoy it Amanda!!!

Want to let you see some layouts using the Autograph Mask:

by jleigh76

by 5angels:

Digital Candy store closing

Just a note to let you know our Digital Candy store will be closing the 15th of May. In light of all the issues of the AD/LAT thing, the owners of Digital Candy decided to close DC. We were in no way affiliated with AD/LAT or any of the drama involved, since we had been at the store for only 1 1/2 months. We will be remaining at our other two stores, Sunshine Studios and GetDigiWithIt and we are guesting at Pixel Canvas for May and June. So you can still find out kits there!!! Thank you for your support!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother's Day with ViVa and a LOTTERY!

Just in time for Mother's Day, ViVa has a Cosmo Cricket quick album on sale for 50% off. This would make a superb gift! So easy, so fun!

We have our complete Motherhood line on sale for 50% off too this week only!

And, for a special lottery, for every $2 spent at our store, you will be entered into a lottery for a $25 gift certificate! Name will be picked on Sunday, May 10! GOOD LUCK!

This is only available at our main stores only (excludes Pixel Canvas)!

Monday, May 4, 2009


ARE WE OVER THE MOON???? ABSOLUTELY!!!! It's been a hectic week and weekend and apologies for not blogging...Vanessa has had to hold down the fort all by herself since I was on holiday last week. It's May Vacation time here in Holland, combining Queen's Day, European Labor Day, and also Liberation Day. So, with my kids being off for 2 weeks, DH took a week off also and we headed to the south of France for a much needed break. Although, it turned out, I got sick thru much of it and am still recovering!!! Boo Hoo!!! and it was in the food capitol of the world and I really was not up to much eating!!! To top it all off, my allergies kicked into full gear with everything deciding to bloom at the same time in France! NICE holiday!!!

So, we are guesting over at Pixel Canvas for the next 2 months (May and June) and both of us are so silly giddy over that fact! We totally are in awe of Vinnie and her amazing talent and to have her select us as guests, we just were in shock when we learned of the news! I was actually drawing a blank as to what to put in her shop! Thank Goodness, Vanessa had a million ideas and knocked me in the head to get a move on! So, here, is our new products exclusive to Pixel Canvas:

And since Pixel Canvas was down over NSD weekend, they are still having their sale!!! These two kits are available for 20% off for the next 2 days! and look, of course, we have to have word art available seperately, also for 20% off!

Not just this...but over at our other stores (click on the blinkies to the left), we have some new products too! Emotions I and II are similar to our Autograph masks, just have different words rather than a customized name.

and this one is another mask but with glitter!!! You can never have too much glitter!!!

Over at Digital Candy, we have a special hybrid brag book ready for your Mother's Day gift!

It's based on the Cosmo Cricket Blackboard Album and our Motherhood kit. They are perfect for a quick gift for that special mother in your life. Just drop in your photos behind the PDF files, print, cut and paste onto the CC Kate Album and your done!!!

And now, we have our freebie available over at Pixel Canvas, to celebrate our happiness at being there (please click on the preview to take you there)!