Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm BACK!!! Trick or Treat!!!

Hi Everyone!!! Missed you all!!! I'm back from our look-see trip to Aarhus where i'm moving to. It's a beautiful city and I'm looking forward to it. It's been a while since DH lived here (20 years ago during his university years) and it has changed immensely! The kids are excited and so are we! I'll post some pics at some point later on!

Just to let you know, The Digi Chick website was profiled at the DAILYDIGI (love that site!!!) and we (all the digichick designers) have a collab offered as one of the kits in the DigiFiles! AND...there's a 30% off coupon for anything over $5.00 at the DIGICHICK. So here's a good time to get what your needing at 30% off!!! The coupon is at the Daily Digi! And don't forget that our newest kits at TDC are Contemplation and Reflections are still on sale so it could be a good chunk off the original price!

And of course, it's trick or treat time and TDC is having a blog trick or treat!!!

Here is the list of blogs with treats for you!

The Hybrid Chick -

and our treat (click on the preview)!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Update and New at The Digi Chick

Hi everyone. Vanessa here ;) Long time no talk!
Well, first some news... for those who don't know yet, I'm prego!!! Yayyyy. It was a big surprise but a good one :) On the down side, I've been sick as a dog for the past 10 weeks. Let's say that morning sickness is such an understatement and that I've never been more glad to the fact that there AREN'T more hours in the day. I don't think I could go another second of a day throwing up. I'm really crossing my fingers that 12 weeks will be the magic number and all this will be a blur.
The doctor did give me some nausea medication last week, which has been helping to curb it a little and that's why I'm able to sit here and type a little message to you instead of having my head stuck in the toilette ROFL. I guess it's just sooo different for me since I was never this sick with either of the other two pregnancies... maybe that means it's a boy? Who knows...

Alright enough of that. Now to the good stuff ;) Vivie and I are bringing over another two kits from Pixel Canvas to the Digi Chick. Contemplation and Reflections of Me. I must say those are two of my favorite kits. I just love how flexible they are, but also how they really reflect the various characteristics of women. Here they are together with some great layouts from our wonderful CT.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Product at the Digi Chick

We have new old product at the Digi Chick!!! ROFL's actually product that we have had at Pixel Canvas and since we're closed there, we slowly transferring our products over to the Digi it is and it's on sale today and tomorrow!

And I'm out next week on a short visit to see where we're gonna be living and to check out the girls' schools so I may not have internet. Hopefully, I'll be back at the weekend!!! Vanessa's holding down the fort!!! See you then!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hybrid cards

Here are some cards I made up using What Alice Saw There characters and Prima flowers and some odds and ends I had floating around in my scrap room. I did this a few weeks ago. Today, my scrap room has been boxed up and is pretty much empty, so no more paper crafting until I set up a new one after our move!!!

Here's a lift I did of Cheryl's (gonewiththewind) layout for the MSA Oct Flourish Challenge:

I liked the idea of flipping the layout or rotating it to fit you better. This layout is of my nephew Krew who was born 2 years ago!!! It's using ViVa's Organic Baby kit (worked perfectly for this challenge!!!). Go check out the challenge. I do like MSA but I'm a bit prejudiced since I work on the newsletter, ROFL!!!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Free from Eryn

Check out Eryn's blog for a free QP made from Organic Baby (get the full kit at the Digie Chick!):

Here's the QP (click on the image to go to her blog):

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Organic Baby is now at the DIGICHICK!!!

Some news for you: We have closed down our Pixel Canvas shop. We really loved being there but both of us have real life issues that warrent our need to be in only one shop at this time. My family is in the middle of moving countries again. This time to Denmark where DH got a new position and so I'm up to my eyeballs in packing boxes and logistics. We've done this several times in the past but it doesn't seem to get any easier and does anyone realize how much stuff accumulates in such short periods of time?!!!! At least this time, we won't have the problems of oversized american furniture trying to fit into small dutch houses! Except for my American queen sized bed that couldn't make it up the stairs and had to go thru the upstairs balcony (thank god for that!!!) and will have to go the same way to get it out of here!!! We have to be in Denmark the first of the year so i apologize ahead of time for being bubble headed from now til then!

OK, so Organic Baby is at the DigiChick today! and we have added a seperate paper pack for those who like just papers. We have added a Stacks version for those who need to do some fast and easy scrapping. AND, Eryn, our wonderful CT member has done a fabulous job on a brag book with bonus baby announcement!

And look at Eryn's brag book:

here's the bonus:

and this pack contains not just the two above but also some wordart as well as masks for one of the pages! It's a great deal. Don't forget all of the above are at 20% off!!! Eryn also has a freebie QP made from Organic Baby at her blog (check sidebar to the left!) so head there and grab it while you can!
Here are some stunning examples from our Creative Team!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

DigiChick News and Freebie QPs from CT

What's new at The DigiChick for October? There's some new awesome kits of course, but best one is the collab the designers did and it's broken up into 3 parts. One is for sale there, one is available with a new class being offered, and the third one is available thru The Daily Digi!!! TDC is the sponsoring store this month there.

Here's the collab available at the store now:

And there's a new class being offered for journaling your layouts, presented by Nicole Seitler, Melissa Wilson, and Lynnette Penacho. It's a series of 8 classes along with a fantastic free kit that goes with the collab! You can check out more about the class here.

If you haven't checked out the Daily Digi...go there now! I love reading all the bits and pieces avialable there. In the October grab bag, you can find the third part of this huge mega collab!!!

We got a talented crew and I just wanted to point out that there are a couple of QPs available for free at two blogs (Eryn's and Katie's). You can grab some Princess Frog and Route 101 (retired) QPs from Katie's blog here. Eryn has Alice QPs for sale up for sale at the DigiChick, but if you wanna try her style out, she's got a couple for free to on her blog here.