Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to wish every single one of you a very happy New Year and thank you for all your support throughout 2009. This has been a crazy year for us, our first year designing, our first store, and of course the search of the perfect place for us. Thank you so much for sticking by us and for your continued support. We truly appreciate it. I hope 2010 brings each of you much happiness, love and success.

Here is a little gift from us to you. A special blog coupon for 35% off your total purchase.
Coupon is valid until 01.31.10


And remember, today is new release Thursday at The Digi Chick. We have several new products for you and of course today and tomorrow they are 20% off! Hope you enjoy.

First our re-release of Cirque Nouveau which we believe to be a great kit to scrap all those fun New Year's Eve photos ;)

And then a series of element packs that we titled Inspiration. These are all created in great colors perfect for pretty much any layout. There is a set of large photomasks, a set of glitter borders and a set of wordart. We hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Xmas and a Freebie

Hi Everyone,

Are you on a jolly, happy mood yet? I know I am. My mom is in town and we are actually going over to some friend's house for Christmas this year... we usually spend it just us, with some good food and a movie and popcorn night; but this year I guess I'm back in the spirit. We had a wonderful Hanukkah, with lots of activities, friends over almost every night but completely relaxed and casual... the way we like it ;)

I hope you too are having a wonderful holiday season, full of happiness, friends, family and all of life's sparkles. For those of you who are going through any type of hardship this season, I wish you much strength and peace of mind to deal with it, as well as prayers of hope that it will all get better soon.

And now here is a little gift from us to you... so you can add some sparkle to your pages. These are full page glitter overlays but they can also be made smaller to add just the right amount of it to your jolly layouts. Hope you enjoy them ;)


Much love
Vanessa (and Vivienne)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Peace, Equality and Love

Hi everyone,

As Christmas and the New Year approaches I thought it was perfect time to re-release our Skin to Skin kit. This was a kit built on the theme of global peace and respect for one another in spite of differences. This is what I hope for all of us as a fresh year starts. More understanding, love and happiness, the world sure needs it right now.

And of course some wonderful layouts by our CT. These girls are amazing!

Hugs and Love to all.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Level 2 Ultrasound, Mothers and (S)heroes!

Hi everyone,

So yesterday I went for my first Level 2 ultrasound (yeah, with twins you have to have one every month from here on). It was amazing... just seeing all the body parts, all the organs, their feet, arms, hands... really, really cool. Of course the image still looks like any old ultrasound and I couldn't make out half of it, but the technician was really cool and explained it all. For those who didn't know yet, we are not finding out the sex of the babies. It's just one of those things for me. I wanna keep it a surprise. I did with both of the girls and want to do it again, but man am I CURIOUS this time! The technician said she could tell, which just added to my curiosity, but I'm glad I kept strong and left there without knowing lol.

The actual ultrasound took 1 1/2 hours, no joke. They looked at every single organ and bone of each baby. Everything is perfect with them and I couldn't be happier.

While thinking about the joy of having my girls and now the two of them in my life I got to thinking of my mom and what a strong woman she is. She is coming next week from Brazil and will stay with us for about 2 months to help out with the remodeling of the house, etc. This is one incredible woman. Her own mom passed away when she was only 3 years old, she was raised by a drunkard and abusive father and a very mean stepmother (the kind you see in fairy tales). As an adult, she managed to raise my brother and myself pretty much on her own (my dad is a wonderful man but he was never really a strong presence in our lives until we were older), while building a successful business for herself. In any case, she is my hero, no doubt. And I hope I can be for my girls and the babies all she was for me.

Now... to the new release (actually a re-release) of (S)heroes now at The Digi Chick. As well as (S)heroes-Wordart. Appropriate enough for this time in my life and perfect for letting all the amazing women in your lives know how great they are. Being them a mother, a grandmother, friend, sister, daughter... I really believe that this kit would make wonderful layouts/projects for them this holiday season ;). So those of you who have it already get your mojo and and get scrappin' and for those of you who don't... it's 20% off today and tomorrow at the store ;)

So here it is (S)heroes.

and finally two layouts I've made with it, which you might have already seen, but I want to show off again since they are about my mom and my daughters... the most important women in my life.

Journaling reads: Grandma, I never met you. This is the only picture I've ever seen of you. My mother didn't get to know you very well either. She was so little when you left her life, only 3 years old. But I wanted you to know, from wherever you are, that your daughter turned out to be an amazing woman and an incredible mother. I like to think she has gotten her big heart and courage from you.

And here are my girls and I ;)

Love and hugs.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holidays and More!

Hi everyone, Vivienne here. So, today, the moving truck gets here and my household gets packed up for the transport to Aarhus, Denmark. I've been packing up a storm the last month and making final arrangements. Me and my girls head off to a CentreParc for one more week here in Holland. DH goes up to Denmark for the unloading and will return early next week for us. So internet will be on and off for me for the remainder of the month (YIKES!!!). We also will be heading to California for Christmas to spend some time with my family (YAYYYY!!!). We like to make it complicated, no???? ROFL...So, Vanessa is holding down the fort here at ViVa while I'm out and about for December and I hope to get back online in January.

So, here is this week's new releases. We have two minis to tie in the holidays coming up. Since Vanessa is Jewish and I'm Seventh-day Adventist (Christian), we decided to come out with two holiday kits, a Christmas mini and a Hanukkah mini. Yeah, I know, there are a gazillion Christmas ones. Here's one more to add to your stash!!! BUT, if you celebrate Hanukkah, I know there aren't quite as many, and you may like this one:

I just love the colorations to this one and let's talk about the bling!!! Yep, it's shiny all right!!! So pretty with this modern take of Hanukkah!

Here is the Christmas one:

This one is in the not so traditional colors of teal and fuschia! It's a bit hotter and a bit funkier with bits of glimmer and glitter. And both of these are minis so a bit less expensive than a full kit and right now, don't forget, it's at 20% off intro price at the DigiChick!

Here are some fabulous eye candy made by our CT!

Check out these cards Vanessa made:

And look what Linda (at the DigiChick CT) did with Lights:

Enjoy these holiday kits, everyone!