Sunday, January 31, 2010

50% off FINAL EVENT for anniversary!

So here is our final event for the week of our anniversary! It's been a lot of fun having this and we're hoping to keep our blog and Facebook fun and interesting for all of you. We love hearing from you all and getting your comments (so keep it up!). We'd love to hear also about what YOU want and need in terms of scrapping. So let us know what would be good.

OK, what we are gonna do for today and tomorrow only: 50% OFF coupon FOR ANYTHING IN OUR STORE!!! And, it's valid for January 31 (sunday) and February 1 (monday). This is really BIG, ladies!!! Here's the code:

(50% off our products)
VVBeHappy (expires Feb. 1 midnight)

Enjoy and have a great time scrapping!!!

Vivienne and Vanessa

Friday, January 29, 2010

ViVa's Creative Team and freebies!!!

Have you seen all the luscious LOs on this blog and on the DigiChick gallery? Our creative team is responsible for these gorgeous samples. Today, we're gonna introduce you to them!

First up, Gonewiththewind. Who in digiland doesn't know Cheryl, domestic goddes extraordinaire? She makes fabulous layouts for almost every designer around and does it all easily and creatively! I don't know where she comes up with all her ideas and the time to do it all!!! And of course, we know her daughter thru her layouts, Olivia, who is an awesome scrapper in her own right. If you haven't checked out Cheryl's blog, head over there to see all her creations!

Sascedar's work is very much white space, simplistic, and quite stunning! Her blog is full of amazing layouts, tips and sample layouts! Take a look here! And in her words: I am a mum, wife, teacher, real-life scrapper, list maker, sometime cook and cleaner. I love the sea, chocolate, good coffee, writing, the library, my friends (both real and imaginary).

Best part of all, she has a freebie for all of you!!! Click on the image to grab the freebie!

Caren is Sunnie2004. Here is what she wrote about herself:

Indecisive, Loving, Educated in many areas. Mother to 3, Grandmother to 8, married to a poor guy for 30 years, I have been a digital scrapper for almost 4 years, and have not one thing that can say this is Caren’s style. I love to try and do different things, and I play with CS3. These ladies have been so kind to let me play with their toys since Summer of 09, Thanks so much Vivienne and Vanessa.

We love how Caren is super motivated and postive. She is finishing up a training program for becoming a computer technician and we think that she is totally awesome for almost completing the program!!!! YAYYY!!! Here is her blog to peruse over!

Katie was one of our first customers when we first started designing. She tried out at our very first CT call and we loved her LOs! Here is her blog...and here is what she wrote:

My name is Kathryn Wilson. I live in Florida with my husband, Matt, our two children, Zachary and Lorelei, two dogs, Isis and Pepper, and our cat, Macy.
I started scrapbooking with paper in 1997 with an album about me and Matt – only my boyfriend then. It was something I wanted to do because I believe in preserving my memories of the events in my life. I wanted to include photographs and journaling because I wanted a record of who, what, where, and when. I never loved it, but I trudged on, cutting paper and cropping photos. I began my 2nd book when Zachary was about 3 months old. It took me 8 years to finish his 1st year album.
In 2008, I came across a site for scrapbooking with Photoshop. I started researching how to use the program for what I wanted to do. I found a great deal of help at digital scrapbook sites on the internet. I made my first digital purchase at The DigiChick – a QP album called Home Room – and made my son’s kindergarten teacher a memory book. She loved it, and I was HOOKED!

Katie has also made a freebie for all of you! (click on image!)

Mish was one of our very first CT member! We met her when we joined up Christina Rene's team about one and a half years ago. She is one crazy chic living all the way out in Australia with 5 kids!!! I have two and have no idea how she does it with 5!!! She says she is the one who can't shut up! Mish can be found throughout digiland as well and does gorgeous layouts! Here is a gallery with her work!

PattyAnne is JustPattyAnne in digiland and she is the funniest, most inspiring person to hang with! She does a lot of travel with her musician hubby and does amazing art both traditional and digital (art journal type). She scraps about her life, her feelings, her art, but mostly it's her emotions that get you. Here is her blog. And here in her words:

I'm a 40 something WEWM (Work Everywhere Wife & Mom). I'm wife to my working musician husband, Mom to my 7 year old daughter, Step-momster to 4 and food person to 2 dogs. I'm a spiritual seeker always digging deeper for a closer relationship to God & to Truth. I'm enthusiastic & sarcastic.

PattyAnne has a little gift for you:

We have Jaye who followed us from Sunshine Studios! She was a guest for us for one month and we decided to keep her! Here is who she is:

I am a single mom to a great almost 12 year old boy (some days he's not so great) who keeps me busy with baseball in the summer and hockey the rest of the year. My life revolves around 3, baseball and free from sports (the last being the shortest).I live in Ontario Canada and am employed as a Child Youth Worker/Youth Counsellor in an elementary school. I first 'discovered' Vanessa and Vivie at Sunshine Studios and got really excited whenever it was my turn to have them as my designers for the month. I have been a big fan of their designs and am thrilled to be here. And this is her blog.

Eryn is our Quality Control person and another fabulous scrapper! She is starting to get onto a lot of design teams due to the quality and creativity of her work! Here is who she is:

My name is Eryn. I live in WA (Australia) with my DH 4 kiddos and 2 bunnies.I started paper scrapping 5.5yrs ago and went to digi 2 years ago.Other than scrapping I love spending time with my family, photography, coffee and chocolate! I scrap as a creative outlet but it is very important to me to make my pages meaningful. Journalling is my best friend as I know my family and I will cherish it in the future.

Here is her blog! We love Eryn for her quickness, willingness, and specially cause she says what exactly what we need to hear. Sometimes its good to have people around us who are honestly "real" and we thank her for that! Here are 2 freebies from her!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Release today at the DigiChick

Today we have a new product at the DigiChick. For all you altered art lovers, here it is:

and the papers look like this:

Here is what our team did with it:

Here is a freebie sample of this kit for you!

Grab it here

password is: talkaway

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today's BIG winners and coupons for all!!!

So today, for our anniversary, we decided to reward our three bestest customers with $10 coupons to anything in our shop!!! It's our thank you for being such great supporters!!! We'll be sending coupons (via email) to:

Joni Y.
Ariana T.
Melanie C.


Don't forget, there's still a blog coupon valid until Jan 31! It's for 35% off your ViVa sales:

Head over to TDC to check out our latest:

$2 Tuesday at the DigiChick!

So today, we have some things in the $2 Tuesday catagory at the DigiChick! We have one of our kits for $2 Vintage Luau!

It's bright, it's colorful and soooo much fun to use! Here's what our team did:

and of course, being the one year anniversary, all our paper packs are $2 also! Enjoy!!! Fon't forget to check us out on Facebook!!! Join us and get a free kit!

Monday, January 25, 2010

First day of our NEW YEAR and FREEBIE!!!

Here it is, our first year anniversary. So much has happened to us in one year's time...getting together, learning to work with each other, being selected by Vinnie Pearce as designers in her store, finally landing at The DigiChick where we are soooo happy, moving to new countries (Vivienne), getting pregnant with twins (Vanessa, whooohooo!!!). Ane here we are, still here, still working and playing together!!!

Our latest venture: FACEBOOK! Yep, you heard it right. We are finally on Facebook. Took us a while! And, for being so patient with us and sticking with us, join us on Facebook and get this freebie from us, a re-vamped kit:

Go HERE to join us on Facebook for this Freebie!!!

Embrace Me (Again) is an old favorite of ours and we took all the bad things, deleted them, kept all the good stuff, redid what we didn't like, added new things and like this kit even better!!! Be sure to join us on Facebook to get this Freebie (we'll send you links on Facebook!!!). BTW, if you're already our friend on Facebook, we'll send you the links too, so no worries about that!

And be sure to join us each day this week for Freebies, Fun, Coupons, Discounts, and more Fun!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sneak Post!

Hey, hey! Just to give you a sneak post about this next week!!! It's our one year anniversary! Be on the lookout for a fun week of freebies, news, coupons, fun, and giveaways!!! Keep us on your trip through blogland this week, starting tomorrow.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How my day is going and NEW PRODUCT at TDC

So, I had an eventful morning. My car wouldn't start! And of course, DH and I just talked last night about which roadside assistant service we needed to get. Always happens, you talk about it and it happens. So, needless to say, we didn't save any money since we were charged for a tow and for the repair work and thank goodness it wasn't that bad. Something about the oil and the cold and that it was really a fluke it happened, but it does (and of course since we jinxed it last night!). The kids got in school 2 hours late (happiness for them) and me a couple thousand kroners short! SIGH! I suppose it could have been worse.

OK, for today's new release, we have two awesome products! I'm so excited about it. If you like glitter, here it is, Destroyed by Glitter!

It's similar to our first one, but in different backgrounds and texture but with more glitter! You'll love it. I especially love the lined paper (WITH GLITTER!!!). Just the perfect touch for your pages. These are all in png format so it will work with your program.

So, the latest trend is art journals. Have you seen the craze???? Both SherrieJD and Tangie do it so well and I have to admire Roben-Marie's gorgeous papers!!! We got to thinking that possibly someone wants to have a "real" journal to put it all in. So here we have Illuminated Journal:

And of course, you don't have to art journal in it! It's the perfect backdrop for a "real scrapbooky" feel to your pages. Place photos in it, scan your mementos, your tickets, your drawings, and "attach" it to the pages. You can even journal in it. This mini kit comes with covers, 4 pages and a sampling of attachments and bits and bobs to get you started! Take a look at what a couple of our team did:

And here are some samples from the TDC team:

So, get on the bandwagon! It's a mini kit that works for your pocketbook right now while it's on sale! Have a great day!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm back and look at what's new today at the DigiChick!

I'm back online. It was hard to have no constant internet for about one month. Well, we've done the move and now live in Denmark (it's COOOOOLD here!). We left Holland mid December and went to visit my family in sunny Southern California for Christmas and the weather cooperated with us!!! But my mom is not computer literate so we had to go to a public library to get internet. On top of that, my laptop screen decided to die on me and I had to wait and get back home to get that fixed. It's with Sony now since it's still under warranty, thank God!!! I probably lost what's on there but thank God I use an external hard drive for everything important. I'll post pictures of Aarhus later on when I can stand being outside for more than a minute since it's sooo cold, plus it's grey and yucky right now!

Ok, so, here is what's new with us:

If you saw the DigiChick's January collab and loved the alpha, well, it's ours!!! And here is another variation, in black and white! Really versatile and fun! You get an alpha, plus 2 sets of metal cases, 2 sets of winged cases, 3 pairs of paper wings, and 2 pairs of fabric wings for a huge assortment of alphas to mix and match! On sale right now at an introductory price! And it's just perfect for all those art journals everyone is getting into!!! Enjoy!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Questions, Answers and a Freebie

Hi Everyone,

Today we are bringing a lot of questions (and answers) to the plate... and a freebie too ;) We just released a collection called "Q&A" that include journaling blocks, wordart, clear cases and papers. All the sets are interchangeable and papers work with color combination for both "Loud" and "Quiet". Hope you enjoy. And remember today and tomorrow all new releases are 20% off so enjoy!!!

and some layouts by our fabulous CT ;)

Now for the freebie. I thought the collection could also use a couple of patterned papers so here they are, just for you.

download here
password: tellme