Thursday, January 21, 2010

How my day is going and NEW PRODUCT at TDC

So, I had an eventful morning. My car wouldn't start! And of course, DH and I just talked last night about which roadside assistant service we needed to get. Always happens, you talk about it and it happens. So, needless to say, we didn't save any money since we were charged for a tow and for the repair work and thank goodness it wasn't that bad. Something about the oil and the cold and that it was really a fluke it happened, but it does (and of course since we jinxed it last night!). The kids got in school 2 hours late (happiness for them) and me a couple thousand kroners short! SIGH! I suppose it could have been worse.

OK, for today's new release, we have two awesome products! I'm so excited about it. If you like glitter, here it is, Destroyed by Glitter!

It's similar to our first one, but in different backgrounds and texture but with more glitter! You'll love it. I especially love the lined paper (WITH GLITTER!!!). Just the perfect touch for your pages. These are all in png format so it will work with your program.

So, the latest trend is art journals. Have you seen the craze???? Both SherrieJD and Tangie do it so well and I have to admire Roben-Marie's gorgeous papers!!! We got to thinking that possibly someone wants to have a "real" journal to put it all in. So here we have Illuminated Journal:

And of course, you don't have to art journal in it! It's the perfect backdrop for a "real scrapbooky" feel to your pages. Place photos in it, scan your mementos, your tickets, your drawings, and "attach" it to the pages. You can even journal in it. This mini kit comes with covers, 4 pages and a sampling of attachments and bits and bobs to get you started! Take a look at what a couple of our team did:

And here are some samples from the TDC team:

So, get on the bandwagon! It's a mini kit that works for your pocketbook right now while it's on sale! Have a great day!



Heather T. said...

Great ideas, you girls! So sorry 'bout your car, Vivie... I'm always scared that will happen to me because I don't even have a cell phone!

Roben-Marie said...

Ah! Thanks! Love your journal!! Cheers! RM :)