Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm back and look at what's new today at the DigiChick!

I'm back online. It was hard to have no constant internet for about one month. Well, we've done the move and now live in Denmark (it's COOOOOLD here!). We left Holland mid December and went to visit my family in sunny Southern California for Christmas and the weather cooperated with us!!! But my mom is not computer literate so we had to go to a public library to get internet. On top of that, my laptop screen decided to die on me and I had to wait and get back home to get that fixed. It's with Sony now since it's still under warranty, thank God!!! I probably lost what's on there but thank God I use an external hard drive for everything important. I'll post pictures of Aarhus later on when I can stand being outside for more than a minute since it's sooo cold, plus it's grey and yucky right now!

Ok, so, here is what's new with us:

If you saw the DigiChick's January collab and loved the alpha, well, it's ours!!! And here is another variation, in black and white! Really versatile and fun! You get an alpha, plus 2 sets of metal cases, 2 sets of winged cases, 3 pairs of paper wings, and 2 pairs of fabric wings for a huge assortment of alphas to mix and match! On sale right now at an introductory price! And it's just perfect for all those art journals everyone is getting into!!! Enjoy!!!


Giannelly a.k.a. Miato said...

Hi there ladies... I'm glad you're ok.
I've returned to college and started pursuing my dreams. Thanks for all the support you've given me, thanks for accepting me in your lives, Thanks. Because of you I've got to learn about this digiscrap world. I'm still doing a bit of it, and grabbing every freebie I can get a hold of in my free time, but I'm not publishing on any gallery. My blog is now more of a sketchdump, kinda empty because I've been out of the Internet for a long time now.

If you wanna see what I've been up too you can visit

Keep going ladies... You're among my favorite designers, consider me as an eager but broke fan! LOL

Giannelly a.k.a. Miato said...

I forgot to say that the alpha is cute beyond words :) seriously... you're getting better and better at designing kits, and elements.