Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Break and New Kit at TDC

So, it's winter break for my kids here in Denmark and we shipped the girls off to grandparents' house yesterday on a bus. It was awfully quiet at home. But we had a nice dinner, just DH and me! I made eggplant makmoor, stuffed dolmas, lentil/rice salad, all the things the kids' will never touch! But they will be back late Friday along with SIL and her kids who are visiting for the weekend, so I better make use of the freetime I get now!

OK, so, we have a fun new release at the DigiChick:

Our inspiration? Both Vanessa and I each have a daughter who is crazy girly but who is also very much a tomboy. My Bella will think nothing of wearing a dress to climb a tree in but will also insist that that dress has to have a pocket in it. She doesn't see the point in having clothes with no pockets. This is the girl who when I do laundry, I have to check all pockets carefully for rocks, trinkets, scraps, bits of food, whatever! This is the girl who goes to the grocery store with me all dressed up in her princess gear. She'll play with Barbie's one minute and then with her box of Hot Wheels cars the next. This is the girl who DH calls his "boy". Here's a little showcase from our team:

from Caren

from Eryn

from Jaye

from Vanessa

from Tinci

from me (Vivienne) using a template from a new designer at TDC, Jennifer Fox

from Katie

So here's to all those Princess Tomboys in all your lives! Have fun scrapping!


jessa said...

Princess Tomboy is simply fabulous! I love the grungy colours and textures and just enough to keep it a tad girly. Wonderful kit - thank you from all those mothers of tomboys out there :)

SandyPie said...

What a great idea!! I love it!!!