Monday, March 29, 2010

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Blog Hop

You just came from Jacinda's blog on Kelleigh Ratzlaff's blog hop! Today, we're showcasing her box templates! So fun, as I’m on a roll making up boxes to be ready for gift giving! My mother-in-law was over this weekend and saw my growing collection of hybrid boxes and thought they were so cute, so she stole a few of them!!! I used Kelleigh’s Take-out Box template. I thought, what a cute shape and we had the perfect kit for it, Silk Road!

What I did first was to pull up both template 1 and one of the papers from Silk Road. Go to the layer with the whole box (Kelleigh has layers for each side which you can turn off) and put your paper on the layer above. I maneuvered it around til it was the way I liked it and then merged the box and paper together. Then, taking 2 different element graphics from Silk Road, I resized and placed them on the 2 ends of the box. Use the folding/cutting guides to help you with placement. At this point, go to the folding/cutting guide layer and move the slider for opacity to 50% so it’s enough for you to see and not enough to show up on the file. Save the file as a jpg. Print out onto photo paper. Since I live in Europe, my standard paper is A4 and I had already resized the template a tiny bit. A4 is slightly narrower and longer than American letter size.

Cut the printed piece. Now turn the paper over and mark slightly where your fold and cut lines are by referring to the front. Use a ruler (I use my see-thru quilting rulers) and a craft knife to score your fold lines (on the inside). Cut and fold the box. Then, carefully use a sharp point to make small holes on the corners for inserting brads to hold the box together. Also make small holes on the 2 ends on top for the wire handle. I used gold colored wire and stung some red beads. Don’t forget to fold the wire ends up to hold the beads on. Added a red bow and it’s done!

Now that wasn't too hard, was it? Check out Kelleigh's templates. I love the ease of use! And check out her blog....One lucky hopper (that's you) will win a $10 gift certificate to Kelleigh's store just for commenting on Kelleigh's blog post with your vote for your favorite Creative Team project. One lucky Creative Team member will win $10 in PayPal cash for earning the most votes!! The Blog Hop contest winners will be announced on Thursday, April 8th. Next stop on the blog train is Dalis.

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*Kelleigh Ratzlaff provided the template for me to use in this tutorial/showcase.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update and Eclectic Primavera

Hi everyone, Vanessa here (I know, it's been waaaayyyyy too long). Well, most of you probably know by now that I'm on bed rest. Man, what a pain. Who would think that lying down all day, unable to clean, or cook or do the dishes would be so hard! It sounded dreamy at first. Now I'm at the point that if they tell me I can get up if it is to scrub toilette I'll be jumping on it hehehe.
But only a couple more weeks to go. Doctor said I'll be back on my feet after 35 weeks... I'm on week 33 now and counting the days. I'm just in that nesting period and there are a billion things I'd like to do before babies come. Hopefully they will give me the chance to do them before they decide it's time to come out!

Ok... now for this week's new release, Eclectic Primavera. I'm so thrilled with this kit. It's fun, fresh, soft and happy. Like a new beginning. I hope you enjoy it!

Look at this amazing card Jacinda did for the DigiChicks:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Velkommen til Denmark, Patty Ann!!!

So, so exciting news. You all know our CT member Patty Ann...did you know her husband is a blues guitarist with his own band??? So, he has been in Europe the last several weeks touring and today, they are in Denmark, in Esbjerg!!!! Guess where I'm going tonight????? Yep, gonna meet up with Patty Ann for the FIRST TIME!!! We were to have met last October when they were in Holland BUT, of all the luck, we were here in Denmark looking for housing at the time since we had just learned we were transferring. So this time, come hell and high water, I'm coming, Patty Ann!!! I cannot wait! Course, it's a bit odd for me to go to a concert mid week!!! It's a school night!!! and I got a 5:30 wake up call tomorrow morning! HA HA HA. DH promised to be home from work early since we got a 2 hour drive and of course, I'm getting ragged on by my oldest girl about going to a "rock concert" on a school night. We had just had a "talk" about her going to concerts and school night going out in general (she's 14!)....ROFL ROFL. What is it I always say??? Do as I say and not as I do!!!


Friday, March 19, 2010

EYE CANDY and Spring Cleaning

Well, not quite together...but, here is some eye candy using the Quilled Elements:
Jacinda (from DigiChicks) did this awesome layout!

Sarah did this fab layout:

Go to Eryn's blog (check the list on the left!) to download this Easter card!

Katie did this awesome LO:

Caren did this FUN LO:

Gorgeous girls!!! Love what you did with those elements!!!

And for this weekend, thru Sunday, the DigiChicks are having a spring cleaning and there are lots of kits on sale!!! We have our Sibling Joy on it's way to retirement...grab 'em for an amazing price!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quilling Time!!!

Anyone remember doing paper quilling???? Well, guess what I did on the weekend? Yep, paper quilled a ton of flowers for you all!!! Here they are and they are on special today and Friday at the DigiChick! One of the sets is perfect to go with the 365 set at the DigiChick. The other matches the spring colors in the alpha!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Pat's Freebie!

Just a quick Happy St. Patricks Day!!! Neither Vanessa or I really celebrate this day but it doesn't mean we can't wish everyone else a fantastic day and give a freebie away!!! Here it is, sweet and simple, a quilled shamrock for you!!! Click on image to download!!! (Don't forget, there's a coupon expiring today! Scroll down, the code is in the last post!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

GSO!!! mini hybrid tutorial and coupon!

Whohoooo! We got some GSO's over at DST. Take a look at these gorgeous layouts:

From Networka

From Tinci (WOW!!!)

From Carly (you GO, girl!!!)

So, you wanna know what I've been doing lately? Well, you know I used to do a lot of papercrafting and stopped doing it cause of DigiScrapping! So, I'm into hybrid now (how can I not be when I'm at the DigiChicks all the time!). Those girls at the DigiChicks are really hard to resist! They lure you in and then, that's it. Your stuck!!! ROFL ROFL ROFL

Here is the little box I did up for St. Patrick's day...such a cute gift idea...fill it up with some chocolates and it's done!

This box uses Kelleigh Ratzlaff’s Hexagon Box Template ( available at the DigiChick. I used the large template. You can use her patterns in any program since it comes with png files. In my case, I use Photoshop so I opened up the psd template. I also used Nancy Rowe Janitz’ Ole Ireland Mini Kit from ScrapArtist ( I selected the two papers I wanted to use, the stripe green one and the shamrocks’ one.

I wanted the stripes to go vertically on the box bottom, so duplicate the bottom layer 3times and “cut” the paper and duplicate it 3 times. Then you can position the paper vertically on each side and clip them to the template. Then cut the shamrocks paper and clip it to the box top. Kelleigh’s templates have score lines marked on them. Make note of where they are and delete these.

Save as a jpg and print onto matte photo paper (it’s thicker than normal copy paper). If you wish to have a sturdier box, print on normal copy paper and glue it to cardboard. Cut the box out. Score the fold lines by using a knife and ruler. I don’t put a lot of pressure on the knife as I’m only scoring the paper to help it when I’m folding. It should just be a slight score. Use your preferred adhesive to form the box. If necessary, paperclip the glued areas so it will stay together. You can remove the paperclips later when the glue is dry. I made the shamrock on top by using the shamrock in the kit as a pattern and cutting it out of green paper. I put some glue on top and sprinkled clear and white glitter and then inserted a brad. I tied a green ribbon around the box and used the brad to affix the shamrock on top! Easy peasy!

So, here is an out of the blue coupon for you for this week only!!! It's for $2 off a $5 order...

code: ViVaBlogFun
expires: Wed March 17
$2 off $5 order

Thursday, March 11, 2010

OLD LETTERS in the house!

Yep, these old letters are ones you'll want!!! Old Letters is our latest kit just released at the DigiChick...

It's perfect for vintage layouts, for additional papers in your everyday layouts, for your art journals, and full of tattered and torn scraps and pieces of papers! Take a look at all these layouts our team did:

and take a look at this awesome layout done by Eryn with a perspective angle to it. And with the perspective, take another look at the shadows. This sure adds to the whole look of it. Just simply different and gorgeous!!! Hey Eryn, we need a tutorial!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blog Challenge at the DigiChick!

Yes, we're sponsoring a blog challenge at the DigiChick!!!

Here is what it's about:

Going along with our theme of “So Lucky” for March my challenge for you is to create a layout to document your family’s lucky charms and superstitions. Does your son have a pair of lucky socks that can’t be washed? Do you have a lucky charm or outfit you wear? Does your family have superstitions that you have passed down from generation to generation? What things does your family do for good luck? Anything about being lucky or family superstitions will do -Tell us about it!
The goal of this layout is to really focus on the story and your journaling. Stretch the story out, tell us in words rather than in pictures. Adding a few pictures to the page is fine and helps pull the story along – but challenge yourself to journal on at least half of the page.
Here are the rules:
- Create your challenge LO based on the prompt.
- You can use any designs you like — you don’t have to use something from the Digichick to qualify. We just want you to scrap with us! And we want you to be making layouts that make you happy more than anything else.
- Add some journaling about your lucky charm.
- When you’ve finished your layout, come back to this thread and leave a comment with a link to your layout. (Feel free to use the open gallery here at the Digichick if you need a place to upload your layout.)
- The deadline for the challenge is Monday March 15, 2010 at 11:59 EST. To qualify for your prize(s), be sure to come and post your link before then!

So, we've got some prizes (30% off coupons and 3 $5 RAKS!!!). Head over there and challenge yourself!!!!

New Girls on our Team!!!

We have SEVEN new girls on our team now!!!! YAYYYY!!!! Please help us welcome them!


We are so please with our crew now!!! Thanks to everyone who applied...there was no way we could get all of you on our team, even though we wanted to!!!

So, today, we have Romeo & Juliet (the full kit) on sale for $2 Tuesday at the DigiChick!!! If your looking for a it is:

It includes the 10 papers, 46 elements, the alpha, the wings and the wordart! All for $2!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

CT Call Closed ;)

Hi everyone. Just a quick note to let you know we have closed our CT call today. We couldn't be happier with the response and it will be hard to choose among so much talent. Vivienne and I will be sending all of you who applied an email today or tomorrow with an answer. Thanks again for your interest in our team, we can't wait to see who will be joining us. Hugs. Vanessa

Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice Saw a SALE!!!

Yep, in honor of Alice in Wonderland and Johnny Depp (who saw this movie already???) we put WHAT ALICE SAW THERE kit on sale!!!!

and the Cluster pack is on sale too!

And, if you didn't get it before, grab it now...the Alice glitters are still free here on the blog!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

ViVa Product

Ok, so we have 2 new ones at the DigiChick....we made up some MemoryBoards for quick and simple scrapping or gift giving. They come in 3 different sizes, 12x12; 8.5x11; and European A4.

We're bringing Tuscan Orchard home! This kit was in the November The Fix over at DSA and now it's back at the DigiChick:

And some inspiration for you:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CT Call

Hi everyone,

It's that time again. Vivienne and I are looking for a couple of fabulous ladies to join our team. It has been a loooooong time since we had a call and we hope after this it takes a really long time for us to have another hehehe.
If you are interested, just shoot us an email: vivaartistry(at)gmail(dot)com. Let us know a bit about you and show us some of your work ;) Our team is really relaxed, the requirements are simple and easy to fulfill, and our girls are a lot of fun to be with. All we ask is commitment and that you have fun with our products!

Hugs and more hugs.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PRIMA's big secret

Well, let it be known, I (Vivienne) am a huge Prima fan! And they have this secret that's gonna be revealed soon! HMMMM....driving me crazy. Anyway, check out their blog:

Here's what's written there:

That's Right! Prima is giving away two more AMAZING prize packages in conjunction with our BIG SECRET!
We want EVERYONE to have a chance to win so we are changing the rules a bit.
Please copy this write-up and link us on your blog, Facebook, or any other site that you frequent (please follow their TOU).
Then post here with a link to your blog, Facebook or site post for your chance to win BIG with Prima!
One US and one International winner will be chosen on Thursday, March 4th, 2010.
And we are getting closer and closer to revealing our secret-it won't be long now!
Just a couple more days of suspense!

Go check it out!