Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Velkommen til Denmark, Patty Ann!!!

So, so exciting news. You all know our CT member Patty Ann...did you know her husband is a blues guitarist with his own band??? So, he has been in Europe the last several weeks touring and today, they are in Denmark, in Esbjerg!!!! Guess where I'm going tonight????? Yep, gonna meet up with Patty Ann for the FIRST TIME!!! We were to have met last October when they were in Holland BUT, of all the luck, we were here in Denmark looking for housing at the time since we had just learned we were transferring. So this time, come hell and high water, I'm coming, Patty Ann!!! I cannot wait! Course, it's a bit odd for me to go to a concert mid week!!! It's a school night!!! and I got a 5:30 wake up call tomorrow morning! HA HA HA. DH promised to be home from work early since we got a 2 hour drive and of course, I'm getting ragged on by my oldest girl about going to a "rock concert" on a school night. We had just had a "talk" about her going to concerts and school night going out in general (she's 14!)....ROFL ROFL. What is it I always say??? Do as I say and not as I do!!!



sunnie2004 said...

Super fun ladies!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Heather T. said...

How very cool--I hope you guys have a wonderful time hooking up!

JaneAgain said...

How exciting! :)

ViVa Artistry is: said...

So very jealous!!!!