Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Just to let you all know that Vanessa has two new baby girls!!!! She had them yesterday afternoon. This is what her DH sent to us:

Hi Folks - Joshua Gary here, writing for Vanessa. Just wanted to let you know that we are the proud parents of two new baby girls. We have Bianca Maria, born this afternoon, 1:29pm, 4lb 9oz, 16'' long. We also have Sophia Rebecca, born 1:32pm, 5lb 0oz, 17'' long. Vanessa's doing great and recovering well. Hopefully she'll be back soon to chat with you more.

And hopefully, with photos!!! So happy for her!!!


Sylvia said...

ohhhhhh.... CONGRATS Vanessa!!!!!
So glad all went well!
{big hugs} for mommy and the girlies :)

JaneAgain said...

Congrats, Vanessa! Big hugs for all of you! :D Can't wait to see pics!

Lorry said...

CONGRATS! :D I love the names, and I'm sure the babies themselves are just as beautiful! Hooray for daughters! :D :D

Tinci said...

Woooow! Congrats Vanessa!
Big hugs for babies, and for mommy!

Mumure said...


jkuoha said...

Congratulations! Twins are so much fun!!! I have boy/girl twins, but mine are 30 years old already! Much love and aloha!!

Melissa said...

Congrats on having twin girls!! The cool thing is you can mix and match their clothes (unless you dress them the same). I love dressing our twin girls up in the same outfit, different colors. I don't dress them indentically because they aren't identical. Wow, 4 girls. That's us too. So exciting.