Monday, May 31, 2010

ViVa is at the Funky Playground!!!

That's right. For the month of June, Vanessa and I will be creating exclusive kits for the Funky Playground!!! And our first one there is 20% off today!!!

We had a lot of fun with this crazy kit!!! Because Altered is fun!!! There is a doll set included in the kit so if you've been wanting to try out the latest altered trend, here is the perfect kit...full of a little of that, a little of this!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day special

We'll be back tomorrow with the winner for our awesome challenge. Just a note that for Memorial Day, Sunday and Monday, we have put our Cazbah kit on sale for 50% off!!! Grab it while you can!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Defend Yourself Challenge: Gina's Post

Here we are, the last day of our challenge. If you haven't done so yet, this is your last chance at expressing your thoughts and win some great ViVa prizes. You have until 12am EST today to post your entry on THIS thread. Can't wait to see your work.

Today's inspiration are two stunning pages by Gina. Gina is one of our new CTMs who have quickly won our hearts both with her incredible art and great personality. Here is what she had to say.


This is one I did last year and even though the shadowing isn't the best, I love this page as it really was my start to doing more graphic artsy type of pages. I have learned a lot of techniques since then and I am still learning more and more. I have very different styles and tastes in everything I do and like. From clothes to perfumes to music to my digi style. I love changing up my LO's depending on what mood I am in. This particular page I was going for sort of an Electric Company kind of feel to it. I guess this all stems from my early years in college when I took Advertising and Graphic Design as a major. I love anything funky and thought provoking. Hence my next page:

This was done as most of you know very recently. I just love this page so much as it is a page just for me and it features a few of my favorite things. I wanted this page to be very eclectic and random yet look real like it might be the backstage area for a theatre show. When I am not scrapping my children and I finally take time to scrap for just me, I love to think out of the box!


Hugs, Love and Good luck!
Vanessa and Vivienne

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Defend Yourself Challenge: Eryn's Post

Hello everyone. Here we are again with even more amazing inspiration from our CTM. Remember, tomorrow is the last day of our challenge. If you are interested in voicing your opinion and share with us your thoughts, please check out THIS thread.
Today, we have two outstanding pages by our girl Eryn. They are so different, yet so wonderful in their own way. Hope you enjoy it.

Here is what Eryn had to say:


I consider myself an all-rounder when it comes to scrapping styles. Whatever style best suits the ideas running through my head is what I will use to scrap it. I love that I can change styles as I change my mood and theme.

This is a LO I made recently entitled 'Motherhood'. Now don't get me wrong, I love my role as a mother and I love my family, bet there are aspects of it that sometimes drive me nuts. When I made this page, I had visions of all four kids talking to me at once, all asking me to do something or listen to them. At times I definitely feel like I am being pulled in all different directions and so all the 'arms' reflect this.
I placed myself in a cage, bound by a skipping rope, as I often feel trapped by my role as a mother. I am trapped financially, I am trapped in that I can't leave the house by myself, I am trapped into a routine of school and lunchtime and bedtimes, and while generally this doesn't bother me and it is the role I chose, it can still get me a little down at times.
Now I could have made this a journalling page, but I wasn't ready to write it down. I didn't even consider using real photos of my kids, as it's not them I was upset at. Making this altered page allowed me to express my feelings using symbols instead of words and photos and it was a great release.

In complete contrast is this page I made about my 'dislike' of storms. I could have used a real photo of my house, but that would have taken away from the page as the theme isn't the house itself. The real story behind this LO is me wanting to feel safe becasue of my fear of storms. The house element symbolises my safety, my comfort zone, while the abundance of white space emphasises my fear and symbolises my insignificance and helplessness against nature.

Although both pages look completely different and use contrasting styles, they are both out of the norm due to the absence of photos and the use of symbolism. But I don't think I could have scrapped these pages any better. TFL!


Hugs and Love,
Vanessa and Vivienne

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Defend Yourself Challenge: Caren's Post

Here we are. Another day and another great inspiration from our CTM. Once again, if you haven't read our challenge yet, please check out THIS thread. Today's post is by Caren. I love this layout 'cause it's so bright and cheery, just like her :)


This was a interesting challenge for me to do a layout of me. it meant exposing me in a way I am not use to doing. it felt good when it was done and in fact I was and still am rather proud of how I created such a colorful layout of me that I don't see me as colorful as this is. People comment on my 596723 number and it was at the time what kept me grounded and safe.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Defend Yourself Challenge: Sarah's Post

Hi everyone, here I am with today's CTM post for our challenge. Once again, if you don't know about the challenge that is going on here, take a look at THIS post.
Before I show you Sarah's wonderful layout, I would like to take a few lines to say thank you to all who have participated on our challenge so far. The entries have been amazing!!!

And now to our inspiration for today. Sarah is our "simple and clean" scrapper. We love her for that. She is always showing us that a page with one single element can be just as powerful and emotional as any other that has a hundred.
Here is Sarah's entry:


It's no secret that I'm the plain Jane of ViVa land. I know Vanessa and Vivienne spend hours selecting, extracting, designing and whatever it is they do to come up with gorgeous chock-full of yummy elements kits, only for me to annoyingly select two or three papers and one or two elements and put down a super simple page. Really, I wonder why they let me hang around at times. It must be because I'm so good-looking. But I want to share a secret about myself. I want to write. I loved to read as a child (still do) and loved to write stories. I still have some stories that I wrote in Year 3, which I made up into little bound books. Now real life stepped in, and I found you need regular money to pay bills, so while I still harbour a very real wish to write children's books, the likelihood of me becoming a best-selling author is slim to none really.

Then I found scrapbooking. When I started paper scrapping, I cut my pictures into pretty shapes, stuck random stickers all over the place and called it done. When I had my first baby, I found I wanted to record more information on my pages. Restricted by my scratchy handwriting and scared by the permanency of paper scrapping, I turned to my humble PC to type up my journalling, ready to print and stick on my pages. It wasn't long before I stumbled across Digital Scrapbooking online, and my eyes were opened to the endless possiblities of style, composition, products...I realised I now had no restraints. So what do I do? I develop a clean and simple, usually blocked style, haha. See, with all the open-ended possibilities in scrapping, I'm your conformist. And I am happy because that's what I love! My most special pages are those that begin with an important memory or emotion. Sometimes with a photo, sometimes not. I have sat in front of photoshop, and I have cried and laughed my way through many important turns in my life, recording as I go.

See? I became a writer after all.

Let me show you some of my simple stuff:

{nan's letters} using stuff from ViVa Artistry
After my darling Nana passed away, I turned to scrap therapy. Has anyone not done this? If you haven't, give it a go! My journalling reads:
To my dear Nanna,
I wonder if you know how much joy your letters and birthday cards brought me. How reading the words “To Our Darling Grandaughter” made me feel so loved and special. Not long after you died, I found the letter you wrote, congratulating us on the birth of Owen. and sending a cheque so we could buy a gift “some singlets or something” for him. I haven’t put it away yet. I read it often, when I’m changing Owen or having a cuddle. Looking at your handwriting reminds me of the day we were side by side in the back of the car, you stroked my young hand with your soft, ageing one and reminded me to look after my hands, and my kneck. I hope you know that in all the legacy you have left me, I will maitain these: handcream and writing letters.
With all my love,
your darling grandaughter

{measure} using Motherhood by ViVa Artistry
aaah, sometimes when things are messing with my head I write. I was feeling overwhelmed by mother guilt and the competetive craziness that goes on between mothers at times. Hmm familiar theme.

Anyway, so this is how I like to scrap. That's just me. But ultimately I love anything that conveys emotion. I appreciate technical feats of awesomeness- especially extractions because I'm awful at them. I long ago got over the fact that compared to lots of other scrappers, I don't get a whole lot of comments in the galleries. But hey, I do what is meaningful to me and to my family. I suggest you ignore whatever rules might be going down in scrapland at the moment, and go with whatever is meaningful to you, too.

And happy scrapping.


Pretty stunning no?
I'll be back tomorrow with some more inspiration from our CTM ;)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Defend Yourself Challenge: Courtney's Post

Hi everyone. I'm back today to show you the amazing page and "explanation" our CTM Courtney shared with us. Isn't her layout striking???
Don't forget, there is still a lot of time to participate on our challenge. So go on, check out THIS thread. We can't wait to hear (or better read) your voice!

Without further ado here is Courtney's layout
I'm not sure what my style is, I tend to scrap the way I am feeling at that time. I do love fantasy layouts but I HATE extracting so I don't do them much. I also have an inability to make things "messy" so I'm always jealous of those free style layouts I see. But I can find something to appreciate in just about every style and I think for me they all serve a different purpose. In my head I have seperate catagories for my layouts; I have my fantasy type things, my art journal pages and my scrapbook pages. They are all completely different styles and I use them for different things but they are all just as meaningful to me. This page is an art journal page that I made purely to express that angry emotion I was feeling at the time. There aren't any pictures and it isn't really pretty but for me it is a release, and something I can look at when I feel that way again and hopefully it will help.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Defend Yourself Challenge: My Post

Hi everyone. I'm back today with my own take on our challenge. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, take a look here and hopefully play along with us ;)

I scrap according to feelings. I go through phases, sometimes I love my own pages, sometimes I hate them. I've done extractions, traditional, clean and simple, messy, name it. But all of my pages carry "me" on them. They are a reflection of who I am, of what stage of my life I am in, of the hardships or joys I am going through.

Here's the layout I wanted to show you:

This page was done at a time when my girls first started to really play together. As I mentioned this to others, a lot of people would say "it's good now, but sisters are not usually close. Too much competition, bla, bla, bla". Well, I never had a sister. I have 3 brothers and we are all very close, but no sisters... I couldn't stop but hope from the bottom of my heart that my girls have with each other what I have with my own siblings. Could I have put the original picture of them holding hands on our driveway embelished by a bunch of pretty flowers? Yes. Would it be as symbolic of my feelings as this one? Definitely not. I would have lost the whole idea of them walking into the world, going far into their futures. Maybe separate at times, but ultimately together...

Now changing notes, but around the same topic, I'd like to show you this gorgeous printable freebie by Tammy Morrill (thanks Rachel for pointing it out). I think it fits our subject perfectly hehehe. Go on, grab it and don't forget to leave her some love :)

Thanks to everyone who have been playing along with us so far. I'm loving seeing all the entries. You rock! Can't wait to see more!

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Rant, a Thought and a Challenge

Lately our CT girls, Vivie and I have been talking much about styles and the whole idea that some people don't consider this or that style as "real" scrapbooking. We are a team of varied styles, we take pride on that and we grow from looking at each other's art. That's when our wonderful and oh so talented PattyAnne vented out on the subject and put in writing what all of us in the team would have liked to. Here is what she wrote (thanks PA for letting me use this):



I used to think that if scrappers ran the world, we wouldn't have the world problems that we do now. The scrapping world felt so open and giving and tolerant and loving.

But I have noticed a change in the past couple of years - a growing segregation and narrow views to 'establish exactly what "real scrapping" is'. I have read harsh comments against women who make fantasy layouts, altered art layouts, art journal pages and those who use stock photography. I have been appalled at the hateful personal comments directed at these women even suggesting that they should be banned and should find a new hobby all together. I expect that these same narrow minded will be pushing for segregation and laws against such layouts being created at all.

Do you remember when Digi-scrapping was just beginning to get popular - and paper scrapping was EVERYWHERE? Many paper scrappers turned their noses up at us and said "That's not REAL scrapbooking" (Those of us who embraced both felt like we had to be in the closet about our 'other side'.

Every winter, all of these spectacularly beautiful winter/snow kits come out. Am I NOT allowed to scrap with these because I happen to now live in an area that MIGHT get one smidgen of snow once every decade? Am I not allowed to voice my memories of snowy days, to voice my dreams of sitting by a blazing fire while the blanket of white makes the world seem virgin again? The fact that I borrowed, by which I mean I asked a friend living in a very snowy region if I could scrap her photos - and gave her credit for the photos, is that NOT the same as using stock photography? I just happen to have a personal relationship with the stock photographer.

That is the scrapbook page that I made when I was 14 years old - planning my wedding. I cut out a picture from a magazine of a lady wearing a Gunne Sax dress looking oh so romantic, I put in a sticker of a cute weeto boy and girl walking holding hands, and I wrote out my plans for my wedding. Isn't that in effect STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY??? Should I, at the age of 14 have been banished from the "art" of scrapbooking??? Should someone write to "Seventeen" magazine and have me arrested on copyright violations because I used an ad of theirs in my scrapbook and NOT written down that the photo appeared in blah blah blah and was taken by blah blah blah? As I look back at that scrapbook I created from my teen years, do you realize how FEW of them have IRL photos???

What about the pages that we scrap that we have NO PHOTOS for? Is that NOT REAL scrapbooking? What about the pages that we scrap using all the wonderful art dollies rather than "real people"? I for one am jumping up on the this bandwagon. I for one feel like a liberated woman gaining this whole other way, this whole other voice, this brand new revolutionary way to express so much of what has been left pent up inside of me - because it didn't fit into other women's narrow views of scrapbooking! I am woman, hear me Roar! and Art Doll! and paint with 5 kinds of paint on the same picture! and glue metal things into my journal! and paste pictures from magazines onto my pages!

Scrapbooking is an art form. It has grown and evolved, like every art form should. Every style of page does not appeal to me, that does not make them any less valid. We can make these same arguments about styles of photography, about styles of music...

Yes, I know I always go back to music since my husband makes his living as a musician... another side of a coin of questions about art...
Beethoven, Bach & Mozart had to bash their heads against lots of narrow minded royalty about what 'real music' was as they tried to evolve and grow in their art.
When someone decided to make the electric guitar, did it quit being REAL music because that's NOT how they USED to do it? (we hear it all the time that my husband's music isn't "the real blues" because it's not this particular style - or that particular style. "The Blues Nazi's" we call 'em --- and even they can't agree on what "the real blues" is. My husband plays MUSIC - and it is touched by every genre that has ever touched his heart and soul, and there's a ton of what God put there in his blood long before he was ever put on this earth and ever picked up a guitar)

God gave us so much variety in life so that he could speak to us in so many different ways. What sings to my soul may not sing to yours. What doesn't touch my heart today may touch it tomorrow. I for one, plan to embrace and try everything I've never tried before... I'm going to taste every food I've never had, walk down a path that I've never been on, try that new technique... and I'm going to applaud you for the things you love - even if they're not my style.

Maybe the narrow minded scrappers need to start a good old fashioned "book burning"!
Burn those pop art pages!
Burn those HDR photography technique pages!
Burn those photos where the moms went in and cleaned up their kids and dressed them real pretty and then went out and re-staged that snapshot moment!
Burn the fantasy layouts that aren't real at all.
Burn those heartfelt pages about relatives that we have no photos of!
Burn every page that was ever created about 9/11 using stock photos!
Burn every remembrance page about the Haiti & Sunami disasters!
Burn every page by a person who's home was burned down & they have no photos at all!
Let's flush those impostors out - burn 'em! burn 'em all!!!


After reading this I started to think how great it would be to have a place where all types of scrapping artists had a chance to "defend" their art. A place to show the community that whether fantasy, clean, freestyle, altered, extracted, traditional, our art is a reflection of ourselves and of our soul.


So here is your challenge. Post one of your pages (it can be new, old, one that you made for this, whatever) and tell us what kind of thought process you put behind it. Tell us why that page is important and why the way you scrapped it the way you did. Show us why your style, no matter what it is, IS a reflection of you and your feeling. Be brave, speak your mind.

There are no rules, except NO BASHING. We want this challenge to be a celebration of your work, not a bashing of somebody else's style. Let's be inspired by other people's work and thoughts, no matter how different from our own.

Vivie and I together with our CT girls will be choosing a layout/explanation to be our grand prize winner. Winner will be taking home 2 ViVa products of their choice. We will be also selecting 2 random pages to win a $5 coupon to our store.

Throughout the week our team girls will be posting their layouts as inspiration... I hope you enjoy it!

Vanessa and Vivienne

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chrysanthemum! and Used Frames

We have two great kits. First up is our Used Frames, a versatile element you can use over and over, especially works well with most of our kits:

Four different types of frames perfect for your layouts and includes 3 overlays and one mask for each of the frames!

We finally did up a new Asian inspired kit! Chrysanthemum:

and here are some closeups!

And, look what Eryn did for you!!! Eryn is our fabulously talented CT member who does amazing QPs. She created a QP to include with our kit for you to finish!!! I just love how she arranges her elements and shadows. For this week, receive a download of her QP when you purchase the kit!!! Remember it's 20% off today and tomorrow only!

Eryn's QP

Eryn's original layout

So my inspiration for this kit was this fabulous kimono I found while I was living in Japan. I had gone to a temple market where they sold many vintage items including kimonos and bits and bobs. I found this stunning kimono and I just had to have it. If you look at the papers, the printed rusty orange one is a scan of that vintage kimono! I found an amazing scrapbook with laquered front and back covers. It's now full of photos of our time there.

Here are some gorgeous layouts our CT did!!!

Layout for Used Frame:

Don't forget the 20% off introductory offer and the free QP with purchase of Chrysanthemum!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

$2 Tuesday at the DigiChick!

And what do we have there? Two things: Unbreakable and the Unbreakable Borders!

Get them now if you were looking at can't be a better deal for you!!! And, it's a different take on a heritage or family type of a kit. We based it on the colors of Lion King and the Circle of Life theme!!! Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, May 17, 2010

35% off coupon at TDS Lifestyle and Eye Candy!

We're listed in the TDS Lifestyle New Products and there's a 35% off coupon for Altered: Stoke!!! Take a look HERE.

And for some eye candy, Mish did a bunch of layouts with our stuff, take a look:

Fun to look at!!! She does gorgeous work!!! Enjoy your day! and don't forget to grab that coupon!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Edges at the DigiChick

We have an assortment of edges for your layouts!!!

Look at these wonderful layouts using the edges:

So beautiful!!! It's on intro special today and tomorrow at the DigiChick!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

30% off special today!

Hi everyone...hope the week is going good for you! You know how this month is DigiChick's 5th anniversary/birthday? Well, today, we're being spotlighted and our products at the store is 30% off!!! Check out the blog here.

And, our birthday kit is on special for 50% off!

Look at these fun LOs!

So, grab it now while it's on special!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mozart Box - Reuse/Recycle tutorial

Today, we have a tutorial for a pretty box all ready for you.

It uses a Mirabell chocolate plastic box.

The tutorial can be found here:

And the PSD files can be found here:

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Daily Scrapper and coupon

Just an FYI, we are mentioned in The Daily Scrapper's new product column!!! Check out our kit, Altered: Stoked!

and if you look, there's a 35% off coupon for the kit on that page!