Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Defend Yourself Challenge: Caren's Post

Here we are. Another day and another great inspiration from our CTM. Once again, if you haven't read our challenge yet, please check out THIS thread. Today's post is by Caren. I love this layout 'cause it's so bright and cheery, just like her :)


This was a interesting challenge for me to do a layout of me. it meant exposing me in a way I am not use to doing. it felt good when it was done and in fact I was and still am rather proud of how I created such a colorful layout of me that I don't see me as colorful as this is. People comment on my 596723 number and it was at the time what kept me grounded and safe.


1 comment:

sascedar said...

i love this bright page of you caren!