Monday, May 24, 2010

Defend Yourself Challenge: Courtney's Post

Hi everyone. I'm back today to show you the amazing page and "explanation" our CTM Courtney shared with us. Isn't her layout striking???
Don't forget, there is still a lot of time to participate on our challenge. So go on, check out THIS thread. We can't wait to hear (or better read) your voice!

Without further ado here is Courtney's layout
I'm not sure what my style is, I tend to scrap the way I am feeling at that time. I do love fantasy layouts but I HATE extracting so I don't do them much. I also have an inability to make things "messy" so I'm always jealous of those free style layouts I see. But I can find something to appreciate in just about every style and I think for me they all serve a different purpose. In my head I have seperate catagories for my layouts; I have my fantasy type things, my art journal pages and my scrapbook pages. They are all completely different styles and I use them for different things but they are all just as meaningful to me. This page is an art journal page that I made purely to express that angry emotion I was feeling at the time. There aren't any pictures and it isn't really pretty but for me it is a release, and something I can look at when I feel that way again and hopefully it will help.


Eryn said...

This page is stunning Caits! it shows a lot of emotion!

sunnie2004 said...

Wow!! Caits Love it!!!!

sascedar said...

amazing page caits! beautiful raw emotion.