Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today, we have 2 items released at the DigiChick. First, the Glittered and Painted Edges that was originally released at the Funky Playground.

These edges are fun, glittery, and will add glamour to your layouts. We've matched the paint and glitter to the DigiChick's Studio 365 line so it's great to add to your everyday snapshots! There's a bonus ribbon too for additional fun!

So these templates were done in collaboration with our CTM Mish. She had created these awesome stacks, a huge timesaving option for us and we thought we'd add to it, give it a ViVa touch...throw some glitter and paint and use the Studio 365 color line to it too!!! Again, perfect to use for everyday photos and the stacks will save you heaps of time creating layers.

Here are some awesome layouts done for us:

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