Saturday, August 28, 2010


The DigiChicks are having a BACK TO SCHOOL sale!!! Yayyyy!!!! more time for us moms!!! So all our products are 35% off!!! Head over there to grab them at a great price!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brushes!!! at the DigiChick and a SALE!

We have new brushes at the DigiChick:

and i think this is the most interesting brush we have come out with so far!!! There's even some words and some possible lines for journaling if you so wish!!! Here are some amazing layouts done by our CT:

By Eryn

By Gina

by Caren

By Aniko

They did such a great job with the creative. And for today and tomorrow, it's 35% off all new releases!!! Grab it now while its on sale. And just in time for the weekend, all the rest of the kits at the DigiChick is 35% off too!!! Celebrate kids going back to school and having a little more time to yourself!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

$2 Tuesday at the DigiChick

It's that time again!!! We have two full kits and an element pack for you at that fantastic price!!!


These will make some awesome layouts for you!

I had a busy weekend these past days. I am taking Danish classes and I had my classmates over for a small pizza party. One of them is from Sicily and she made us 16 different pizzas. My oven was surely working overtime. I have never had pizza quite like that!!! It was amazing! Then, on Sunday, over to my mother in law's house for her birthday!!! I am now recovering...ROFL!!! My kids are in local schools now and it is very strange since I no longer have to drive them. I usually have a half hour drive and now, I get to be lazy and stay home in the mornings. I am really enjoying it! Have a great day today!


Monday, August 16, 2010

$2 Tuesday at the DigiChick

We have 2 full kits and an element pack available for $2 each at the DigiChick!!! Head over there and grab them now!!!

Another set of templates from Gina!

Gina is on a roll!!! She's got another set of templates for you to play with!!!

Grab it on her blog, August 10 post!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vincent's Room

It's been some time since our last new kit with all the summer holidays and everyone being busy outside! Here is our take on Van Gogh. We love art and Van Gogh's madness made some amazing pieces!!! Such an incredible gift.

And here, we have a fun freebie for you, a perspective to Vincent's room:

Password: sunflower

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Almost Back to Normal and Coupon!

So, summer is just about over here in Denmark. My girls start back to school tomorrow and this time to local Danish schools instead of International Schools. We will see how it goes with the language. They speak Danish pretty fluently (DH speaks Danish to them) but they are lacking vocabulary and grammer. I've started back to school also (last week) with Danish class. So, it will be nice to have the house empty so I can start working again on kits. It's very difficult to work with so many people in the house and not having a laptop. I am hoping to get a new one sometime next week.

Have you all seen Gina's awesome template she's giving away on her blog? Head over there to the August 3 post for it (preview is linked):

Give it a try. It's just awesome. And did you see the layout Carly did with it?

Caren also did one:

Gina is using her amazing layouts as the base for her templates so, if you have seen her work, you'll love having the templates to base yours on!!!

Today, we are being featured in the DigiChick blog!!! Check it out and there's a coupon there for $2 off $5 purchase (exp August 17). If you are looking at something special in our store, now is the time to buy it!!! Enjoy!!!