Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog Challenge at the DigiChick! and a Hybrid Tut!!!

Head over to the HybridChick blog for an awesome challenge! I love the template you can grab for FREE!!! And there's a prize involved!!! Here is what i did for it:

So Here is how I did it. I purchased a notebook and used ViVa's Vincent's Room kit for the papers. Here are the sizes of paper to cut:

Background paper 5x7 inches
Green background 4.25x5 inches
Yellow background 1.25x2.25 inches and 1 7/8x2.25 inches
Sunflower paper 2.5x2.25 inches and 1 7/8x2.25 inches
Text is 1x2 inches

You can use the template to set it all up as if doing a page. This is a good idea for you to be able to see your design before you print it. At that point, you can then drag each piece over to a new document that is sized for your printer. I print onto an A4 size (similar to Letter size) paper. Make your new document your printer size. Drag the sunflower paper pieces and the text onto that document. Print your page. I use photopaper because I like the sheen. Adhere the pieces together as in the previews above. Make a paper flower or purchase a flower to adhere to the bottom left (mine came from I tore a sheet out the notebook and used it as a template for the hole punch. Adhere your art to the notebook. That's it! Enjoy!


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kramer_buffy said...

thanks for using the template, I just love your notebook.

-- dalis