Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Update and NEW ZODIAC Collection

I just realized I never updated about my laptop. No, I never did get it back. But hubby is a super star. He spoke with the insurance company several times and it turns out we did all the right things! We filed a police report AND for reasons unknown, I happened to have all my receipts for the laptop along with registrations and numbers. Now, why would i have all the receipts, I have no idea! It was a gift for my 40th birthday from Karl but there it was, all the paperwork. So, they agreed to replace the laptop and so here i am on my Toshiba laptop with 64 bit Windows 7!!! The only bad thing is I cant get my Canon scanner to work on it since Canon wont make a driver for 64-bit Win 7! bummers, need a new scanner (yayyy???)

So, we have this awesome collection that we have been working on: our Zodiac collection for those of you who are into horoscopes, or if your not, its still a pretty good looking set of kits!!!

Sign of Times Virgo

Sign of Times Cancer

Sign of Times Aries

Sign of Times Taurus

Sign of Times Leo

Sign of Times Gemini

So next week, we'll have the other six signs plus the entire bundle for those wanting it all! We'll even have a date element that's some things to look forward to!

So, my kids have been in school for several weeks now. It is just too funny that they have to take English as a Second Language. But, it is a Danish school so they do not offer regular English courses...and I do believe my kids are the only fully English speaking students there. I did get a bunch of girls coming over one day and finding out yes, we do speak English at home!!! and Danish too!!! It's usually Dinglish is what we say. How are all of you handling the back to school? Enjoying it???


Rebecca said...

These are absolutely gorgeous!!! Makes me wish I was really into horoscopes! But, we are into mythology... maybe I can find a way to justify purchasing them all... Hmmm... I'll have to work on that one. Love them!!!

Heather T. said...

By the way, these Zodiac kits ROCK!

I'm so glad you got a replacement for your laptop. And your Dinglish made me laugh--my siblings and I used to speak Fringlish!