Saturday, November 6, 2010

DSD with ViVa

Are you having any fun yet? We are just starting up our fun! First, did you see the layout I made? Ok, so I'm not the best scrapper there is and I don't do it that often because of time but I had to do this.

I did this because my kids and DH always called my internet friends Mom's Imaginary Friends because they have never met them in person. They said, well, you talk about them but we haven't seen them, guess it's all in your head. I laughed pretty hard about it. So there you go, kinda reminds me of that carton, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Ok, so, for DSD, I've got 2 coupons for 75% off any ViVa product at the DigiChick!!! Head over to the store and use it. It will override the store sale of 30% off, it will not be in addition to!!!

It's: VVDSDfun!!

Have fun!!!


Mumure said...

I was too late!
Happy NDSD!

deb said...

This is a marvelous layout about your friends!