Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and 24 Days

Happy turkey day everyone!!! I am surely missing Thanksgiving in the US. I had mine early last week so I did enjoy a nice meal but I'm missing my friends and family. And I suppose that is what I should be thankful for. My extended family who tolerates my awayness, who keeps us in mind on holidays, whether is in thoughts, prayers, and over telephones and internet. I am thankful for my little family here sharing our travel adventures. And I am thankful for all my new friends who have become like family in lieu of the real one.

Today, we are releasing 24 Days. It's a mini kit for the 24 days of Christmas. If you're doing an advent calendar, here is a good mini for you to decorate it with. If your doing a layout of the 12 days of Christmas, again another good mini. It's short and sweet and it won't tax your budget!

So Caits has been challenged by Eryn to do clean and simple layouts...she did it again this week with this:

and Eryn did this:

and Gina used one of her templates for this, you can find her stuff at DeviantScraps this month:

Mish did this:

and Aniko did this:

Black Friday is tomorrow, so look forward to all the fun sales!!!

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