Monday, November 22, 2010


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This weekend was busy for us. Vanessa has left me to fend for myself. She's been on a mini holiday with her family. I had an early Thanksgiving last Thursday as a friend wanted to experience the holiday meal but had to leave the country for a family visit. So we did it one week early...and with ducks instead of turkey. I have no idea where to find a turkey here. And I don't believe it will fit in my little oven! I have seen turkey breasts and fillets but that's it! So we did the whole traditional fixings with ducks instead!!! And it was great! Including the beginning where we talk about what we are thankful for this year.

This week is the start of the holiday season here in Denmark with many Julefrokosts to come. A Julefrokost is a Christmas meal that starts early and ends late and there are a million courses and lots of Aquavit and toasts. Our first one starts on Friday. Then we have a thank-you dinner at our house Saturday evening to thank some friends who helped us move. And on Sunday, a Christmas party with the International Community here in town. Whew...I can feel the weight packing on.

So, Black Friday is coming up. Be sure to check out this blog/facebook/twitter to get all the latest! And use the above coupon at the DigiChick Blog if you are looking to get our kits!!! Enjoy the week.

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