Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MISFIT-- is that you???

This kit is in honor of our CT...who dubbed themselves Misfits a while back because none of them quite fit a mold. They are all unique, interesting, quirky, crazy, opinionated, and wonderful.

It's new at the DigiChick this week and just in time for iDSD! Watch for some fun sales and games!!!

Look what our girls did:

from Amanda on her baby getting a shunt....

from Caren

from Eryn

from Eryn again, cause she couldnt help herself

from Mish

from Aniko

from quirky Caits

from Carly

from Gina

from Vivienne

And, from the DIGICHICKS:

Elise, the design queen did this

from Jomi

from the amazing Holly


Rebecca said...

Absolutely stinkin' beautiful!!!!

Mumure said...

Gorgeous kit and pages!Woow!

Wendy said...

Love this kit...

Rhoda Alex said...

fantastic...and i am missing you guys so much :)