Monday, November 15, 2010

Sneak Peek

So Sunday, I took my girls to see Adam Lambert. They had been working hard to transition from International Schools where they used English as the language of instruction, to a local Danish school. Fortunately, both girls speak Danish fluently however, they had never taken any grammer or class instruction in Danish so it was quite a challenge for them in terms of writing, spelling, and reading. So off we went to Hamburg (because I did not manage to get the tickets in Copenhagen), about 3.5 hours away! And my oh my, the venue was small, I don't think there were 300 people there! We loved Adam from the American Idol days and were thoroughly disappointed he did not win! He had some fabulous costume changes and HE CAN WEAR GLITTER like no man I know can!!! And what a voice. The girls managed to get up front and center and enjoyed the concert. Even the opening band was good!!!

Ok, well, you came to take a look at our sneak peak for Thursday:

Short and sweet. It's coming!

And look at these layouts our team did for Jultid: A Scandinavian Christmas,

from Caits who is taking Eryn's challenge of simple scrapping very seriously!

from Katie, this is her family's Christmas card!

And this layout is so much fun, from Caren, using Misfit:

Those faces are absolutely hysterical!

Oh, about Scandinavian Christmases, if you are interested in the paper star decorations, you can take a look here for my tutorial on it!

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