Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Days

Hope all your holidays were fantastic. And I'm sure you are all still having a great time with your families with it being a school break! I got a cool Global knife for my gift this year. I'm starting a new set of knives and got my first the Global knives, but so expensive. Me, I'm a big cooking freak. Love making food for people (not baking though!). So the knives will be awesome to use! Our kids had a fabulous time with their cousins and I introduced my Danish family to Pictionary, Christmas eve, and they all decided they would play it again next year...15 of us playing it in two teams and even the littlest 4 year old got to draw!

I wanted to show you some layouts that our team did that for some reason never got on our blog due to either timing or me being incredibly rude and forgetful.

This one is from Sarah using Juletid kit:

From Caits using a combo of kits (with her usual amazing clusters):

From Caren, this one using Love Note and the other is of her gorgeous grandbaby Charlee!

From Carly with Misfit kit:

From Katie with the Misfit kit:

And this from Wulan. We stretched her a bit with this Christmas kit...she doesn't do Christmas nor does she have a winter, living in Indonesia! It still turned out awesome!

We hope that you have an awesome week with your family and enjoy these moments. Don't forget to record some of them for your scrapping next month!!!

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