Thursday, December 16, 2010


OK, here is our final new kit of the year!!! We're talking a bit of a break over the holiday to re-coup and generate some new ideas....

This kit is in honour of Vanessa's anniversary!!! She and DH sent love notes to each other during their courtship and also continue to do this on a monthly basis...awwwwww!!! But what a great way to stay connected when your both busy and life gets in the way!

DIDJA see that heart paper??? too die for! Here is what Eryn did with it:

and it's a mini so the price is just perfect for those on a TIGHT budget this month!

Look what Gina did with the her clustering:

AND, check this out...Sarah, on a challenge dare from Mish, did a totally clustered layout so opposite of her usual clean and simple ones. She used a templated Caits made up:

Did she not rock that layout? Yep, we do alot of challenging each other doing layouts. And this time, Sarah was up for it. Can't believe how well she did that page!

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