Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back with NEW Release!

We have a re-release! It's back to the DigiChick from the Funky Playground:

It's such a fun kit to play with and includes a doll and things to dress her up in for a fun layout!
Speaking of layout, here's some done up by our CT and Funky Playground's CT!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Some news

Well, first apologies for our newsletter with missing preview pages. I am not sure what happened as I had checked all the images and even now, it is intact. I resent the page with new images so I apologize for sending it twice.

Second, I just wanted to come on here to tell you what happened to me yesterday. My house which I had just moved into got broken in and he took my laptop and my DD's wallet which was lying on the dining room table. My neighbor happened to see this man driving away on a scooter/mo-ped but not in time. LUCKILY, nothing else was stolen and we were not home. He went in via the back door which is not locking properly unfortunately. So I am very sad and upset today. I was lucky in that I had most of the laptop's documents backed up. So strange, that I did the backup last week on a whim. I did lose a few things and all my bookmarks which had some important things I will have to re-create. I don't know when I will be getting another laptop since we were replacing the kids' desktop (which I am on now). DH is looking into this and he did get a locksmith to fix my door this morning so that I would feel safer. I am still a bit shocky over this. Anyway, thanks for letting me rant today!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We have new releases today at the DigiChick!

Check out the gorgeous layouts:

and here are some layouts made from the Layered Cake template. (Our CT used the templates but not necessarily with ViVa kits.)

Hope that your summer is going really well and that you are all having an awesome time. Next week, DH is off for a couple weeks and we'll be hanging here at home with mini day trips. Since moving here to Denmark in January, we haven't really seen much of the north so we're intending to remedy that.


Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today, we have 2 items released at the DigiChick. First, the Glittered and Painted Edges that was originally released at the Funky Playground.

These edges are fun, glittery, and will add glamour to your layouts. We've matched the paint and glitter to the DigiChick's Studio 365 line so it's great to add to your everyday snapshots! There's a bonus ribbon too for additional fun!

So these templates were done in collaboration with our CTM Mish. She had created these awesome stacks, a huge timesaving option for us and we thought we'd add to it, give it a ViVa touch...throw some glitter and paint and use the Studio 365 color line to it too!!! Again, perfect to use for everyday photos and the stacks will save you heaps of time creating layers.

Here are some awesome layouts done for us: