Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Wishing all of you a happy, spooky and candy full halloween.
Here is a little treat from us.

download here
password: spider

Sunday, October 24, 2010

All About Me Collab with Miki!!!

This week, we made an awesome collab kit with Miki Ferkul of MicroFerk Designs over at Scrapbook Elements!

Check out the papers:

and the closeups of the elements:

And here is a look at the alpha:

Do you like wordart? it's included:

We loved the whole look of this kit. Especially with the theme of All About Me. Do you scrap everyone else in the family? The kids, the holidays, the events? You probably forget about yourself. Here is your chance.

And hey, look at what our team did:

That's Charlee, ViVa's newest mascot and Caren's adorable new grandbaby girl!

from Miss Gina, who likes to use every single piece of element in a kit and does it in such an awesome way!

from Mish with photos from one of her kids (don't know how she does it all with so many kids!)

That's Eryn peaking out from the envelope!

Those two are from Caits of herself...she does great cluster work

And Carly did that one with photos of Caits, because Caits is beautiful and Carly wanted to RAK her. Carly is just one awesome scrapper!

Here are some more from Miki's team:

Don't forget, to get this, you have to go to Miki's store, Scrapbook Elements!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn Break

So, today starts the Autumn break here in Denmark for the kids. I'm heading back to Holland so my kids and I can visit some friends. Lucky for them, school is still in session so they'll be joining their friends for a day at their old school. As for me, it'll be nice to hang with Yvonne (who does some of our illustrations!) and others. Looking forward to a few days off. We'll still be working hard on our next kits, including a collab!!! Yay!!! You'll love it! I guarantee it. Vanessa is hard at work also in between 4 kids, that is. Enjoy the fall weather wherever you are...for us, it's just started to be very cold so when the sun is out, we are totally loving it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Congratulations to....

Here I am to announce our two winners.
First off is of course REBECCA who was the first one to figure out whom we were talking about.
And our random winner is: ALBERT.
Congrats to both of you. Just send us an email at vivaartistry(at)gmail(dot)com and we will be sending the prizes your way!!!

Hugs and congratulations!

Paul's Island

New in our Art series...(yes, Vanessa will be in a little later to update you on the giveaway!!!)
Paul's Island is now at the DigiChick. We were so inspired by Paul Gauguin. Love his bright colors and tropical feel of his paintings. Vanessa and I are really tropical girls at heart (yep, and I live in Denmark where it rains every other day and it's dark and cold!!!) so this kit was fun and oh so easy to put together for us...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update and Give-Away Fun

Hi everyone. Can you believe it? Today the babies turned 6 months. It is crazy how fast time goes by. I was looking at some of their newborn clothes yesterday and I cannot remember when they were THAT little. It sounds strange, but I'm already missing this time. I know it will be over before I know it and I wish I could hold on to their baby smell and softness just for a little longer... I must say that I AM enjoying and making the most out of every second with them. I study their fingers and toes, I lie next to them every chance I get and kiss them silly all the time. They are my last babies, so I have to get my fix LOL.

Well, here is one thing that I'm not really missing right now...SUMMER. Ok, it's always summer in Florida but now that summer is officially over, the weather has been beautiful . Hot enough for the beach but not so hot that it feels like your brain is going to melt. The foliage and flowers look stunning, very rich in color and not droopy and at night you can sit outside and enjoy the kids playing on the grass.


NOW... besides the beautiful Florida weather, something else inspired Vivienne and I to make this kit (or better SOMEONE), and it's your job to tell us who (that is if you want to win it!). I'll give you a hint, this person is one of my favorite artists. His paintings are inspired by his traveling and he was good friends with the artist that inspired Vincent's room.

Ok... here is the game. Leave us a message with the name of the artist you think we are talking about. The first person to guess it right, will be getting the kit for free plus a $5 coupon to our store. We will also be picking a random person to win the kit from all who respond. We will announce the winners on Thursday when the kit is released. Hugs and Good Luck!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Collab with Laitha's Designs and free QPs

OHHHH, look at this. We'ved collab with Laitha's Designs and this is what we did:

Here is the paper pack since it's hidden behind all those yummy elements:

So, it's available at the DigiChick as a full kit, or a paper pack only or an elements pack only. And here is an alpha that we put together...

and check this out. This is available at Laitha's store, check her blog here:

and this is for free...go to her blog here:

and eyecandy? Here is what our team did...

from Aniko

from Caits

from Caren

from Gina

from Sarah

from Wulan

from Tanya who is CT from the DigiChicks


this is from Eryn and she is offering QPs made from this at her blog!

Friday, October 1, 2010

FREE CD Calendar

Getting started on your Christmas gift list? Need to make some gifts up? We have a FREE CD case calendar hybrid kit for you!

All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter, here on the left side. When you get our newsletter the next time, you'll find the link to this freebie (this Friday). It includes 12 month cards, 12 month masks, brushes, and instructions. Simple and fun. You can make this very hybrid, or go more digital, depending on how you place your photographs. You can get really creative (check out Caren's card in the preview!). All you need is 6 sheets of cardstock and a CD jewel case (specific for calendars so it has the lip to hold the cards). So sign up today (look to the left on this blog).