Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Day of Hanukkah!

So December 1 marks the first day of Hanukkah and we have put our first retiring kit on very special sale for $1.50! For three days only and then, poof, it's gone forever!!! Here it is:

Grab the borders too for $1.50!!!

Have a great day! and if your celebrating today, have a blessed day!

Monday, November 29, 2010

This week!

2 surprises coming up!!! Starting Dec 1 (start of Hannukah) we are retiring some kits. We are putting them for HUGE discount for three days and then, it's gone! So head here or our Facebook or Twitter to find out which ones!

AND, surprise collab coming up on Thursday! You will love it! We did, we do. We are over the moon. Here's a sneak peek:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and 24 Days

Happy turkey day everyone!!! I am surely missing Thanksgiving in the US. I had mine early last week so I did enjoy a nice meal but I'm missing my friends and family. And I suppose that is what I should be thankful for. My extended family who tolerates my awayness, who keeps us in mind on holidays, whether is in thoughts, prayers, and over telephones and internet. I am thankful for my little family here sharing our travel adventures. And I am thankful for all my new friends who have become like family in lieu of the real one.

Today, we are releasing 24 Days. It's a mini kit for the 24 days of Christmas. If you're doing an advent calendar, here is a good mini for you to decorate it with. If your doing a layout of the 12 days of Christmas, again another good mini. It's short and sweet and it won't tax your budget!

So Caits has been challenged by Eryn to do clean and simple layouts...she did it again this week with this:

and Eryn did this:

and Gina used one of her templates for this, you can find her stuff at DeviantScraps this month:

Mish did this:

and Aniko did this:

Black Friday is tomorrow, so look forward to all the fun sales!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Template Designers...

So, now we have three template designers on our team!!!! Amazing!!! Have you seen them? Studio Buttercup (aka Courts) is selling at Scrapbookgraphics. Lilacs in Bloom (aka Gina) is guesting at DeviantScrap. And Queen of Hearts (aka Carly, Snaggletooth) will be opening on Black Friday, so head over to her blog for the news!!!

Speaking of Black Friday, I hope you are all having an awesome Thanksgiving!!! With lots of family and food and fun!!! Enjoy your day!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010


We are in the Spotlight at the DigiChick Blog this week!!! Head over there to find out a little about us and our products, and most importantly, a coupon!!!

This weekend was busy for us. Vanessa has left me to fend for myself. She's been on a mini holiday with her family. I had an early Thanksgiving last Thursday as a friend wanted to experience the holiday meal but had to leave the country for a family visit. So we did it one week early...and with ducks instead of turkey. I have no idea where to find a turkey here. And I don't believe it will fit in my little oven! I have seen turkey breasts and fillets but that's it! So we did the whole traditional fixings with ducks instead!!! And it was great! Including the beginning where we talk about what we are thankful for this year.

This week is the start of the holiday season here in Denmark with many Julefrokosts to come. A Julefrokost is a Christmas meal that starts early and ends late and there are a million courses and lots of Aquavit and toasts. Our first one starts on Friday. Then we have a thank-you dinner at our house Saturday evening to thank some friends who helped us move. And on Sunday, a Christmas party with the International Community here in town. Whew...I can feel the weight packing on.

So, Black Friday is coming up. Be sure to check out this blog/facebook/twitter to get all the latest! And use the above coupon at the DigiChick Blog if you are looking to get our kits!!! Enjoy the week.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LeChayim!!! and Happy Hannukah too!!! SALE!!!

Hannukah is almost on us, starting on December 1, the Festival of Lights begins! And we have a fantastic kit based on the art of Sheva Chaya:

The colorations of this kit is quite different than most Hannukah kits so that it can be very useful to work with other kits and also different types of photos. It's 20% off today and Friday! Look at what our CT did:

Katie got really creative and did these amazing cards!

Aniko created this memory page of her time on a lake.

Eryn made this layout of her daughter using a template from Studio Buttercup.

And I made these for Vanessa. I used the templates from Geeky Diva at the DigiChick and last year's Hannukah kit Lights along with LeChayim (the symbols). So much fun to get the scissors and glue out!

And with that, Lights is also on sale!

50% off for the 2 days (Thursday and Friday) so grab it now!!!!

We hope that this will be a nice start to your holiday season!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sneak Peek

So Sunday, I took my girls to see Adam Lambert. They had been working hard to transition from International Schools where they used English as the language of instruction, to a local Danish school. Fortunately, both girls speak Danish fluently however, they had never taken any grammer or class instruction in Danish so it was quite a challenge for them in terms of writing, spelling, and reading. So off we went to Hamburg (because I did not manage to get the tickets in Copenhagen), about 3.5 hours away! And my oh my, the venue was small, I don't think there were 300 people there! We loved Adam from the American Idol days and were thoroughly disappointed he did not win! He had some fabulous costume changes and HE CAN WEAR GLITTER like no man I know can!!! And what a voice. The girls managed to get up front and center and enjoyed the concert. Even the opening band was good!!!

Ok, well, you came to take a look at our sneak peak for Thursday:

Short and sweet. It's coming!

And look at these layouts our team did for Jultid: A Scandinavian Christmas,

from Caits who is taking Eryn's challenge of simple scrapping very seriously!

from Katie, this is her family's Christmas card!

And this layout is so much fun, from Caren, using Misfit:

Those faces are absolutely hysterical!

Oh, about Scandinavian Christmases, if you are interested in the paper star decorations, you can take a look here for my tutorial on it!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Christmas Kit!!! and a FREEBIE!!!

I love Christmas! It's my most absolute favorite holiday, with the family time, the bling, the presents, the food. What's not to like about this holiday? Here is a Scandinavian twist on a Christmas kit!!!

Here are some wonderful layouts:

from Eryn's computer

Aniko made a card

Mish's daughter

My (Vivienne's) daughter Isabella and niece along with a photo of the almond hidden in the rice pudding.

This kit is all about the symbols of Christmas here in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Since this is my adopted home now, I needed a kit with these elements for my own Chrismas layouts. My Danish husband loved it!!! My Isabella wants to decorate for Christmas now. She is totally getting into the spirit of it and it's not even Thanksgiving yet, yes, we still do a Thanksgiving at our house! We follow both cultures. Last evening was Morten's Aften in Denmark and we did the traditional duck dinner with all the yummy fixings, carmelized potatoes, red cabbage, wild rice.

Oh, and before you take off, I wanted to go back and show you some layouts done for the Misfit kit that were just fabulous. They were too good to not show off, KWIM?

Gina's amazing layers!

Sarah's sweet and simple layout!

I love how Courts uses a different size!

Oh, and of course, your freebie!!! 3 little Danish ornaments...hope you can find some use for it!

Download HERE

Saturday, November 6, 2010

And the Party Goes On... DSD MATCH PROMOTION

Alright everyone, time for some more fun!!!

From 3pm EST today (11.6.10)until 3pm EST tomorrow (12.6.10) we will match your entire purchase of ViVa goodies with a coupon for that value. Buy $10 we send YOU $10, buy $20 we send $20... The more you spend, the more you get.

Remember, this is a limited time promotion and ends tomorrow at 3pm EST.


2 more codes!

We have 2 more coupons...50% off!!! VVcrazyday

Coupon Code Fixed!!!

ok, so we had a glitch with the coupon code earlier...here it is again, first two to get it gets 75% off!!!


DSD with ViVa

Are you having any fun yet? We are just starting up our fun! First, did you see the layout I made? Ok, so I'm not the best scrapper there is and I don't do it that often because of time but I had to do this.

I did this because my kids and DH always called my internet friends Mom's Imaginary Friends because they have never met them in person. They said, well, you talk about them but we haven't seen them, guess it's all in your head. I laughed pretty hard about it. So there you go, kinda reminds me of that carton, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Ok, so, for DSD, I've got 2 coupons for 75% off any ViVa product at the DigiChick!!! Head over to the store and use it. It will override the store sale of 30% off, it will not be in addition to!!!

It's: VVDSDfun!!

Have fun!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MISFIT-- is that you???

This kit is in honor of our CT...who dubbed themselves Misfits a while back because none of them quite fit a mold. They are all unique, interesting, quirky, crazy, opinionated, and wonderful.

It's new at the DigiChick this week and just in time for iDSD! Watch for some fun sales and games!!!

Look what our girls did:

from Amanda on her baby getting a shunt....

from Caren

from Eryn

from Eryn again, cause she couldnt help herself

from Mish

from Aniko

from quirky Caits

from Carly

from Gina

from Vivienne

And, from the DIGICHICKS:

Elise, the design queen did this

from Jomi

from the amazing Holly