Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Sneak Peek!

Hi everyone, Spring Festival is coming! The Chinese New Year always held a special place in my heart. No I'm not Chinese, or of Chinese descent, but for some reason the Chinese culture always drew my curiosity with all the symbolism behind it, all the intricacies that are so foreign to my own Italian/Brazilian upbringing. I do have some very dear friends however where the husband is Brazilian and wife Chinese; we've always enjoyed spending time with them, sharing cultural bits, food and what not. About the time Maya turned one, they were blessed with adopting a chinese baby who was Maya's age. Since then, they've been holding New Year's celebrations at their house every year and we love taking part on it and celebrating their traditions. The girls look forward to their red envelopes and Josh and I to all the yummy goodies (my friend's mom makes the best spring rolls in the world). But most of all we love spending the time together, chatting, learning new things, playing and laughing to our hearts desire.

So in the spirit of the New Year, Vivie and I will be releasing Sheng Xiao this Thursday. This kit has been so much fun to design and to research. We hope you enjoy it. Here is a little Sneak Peek to what is coming. Big Hugs. Vanessa and Vivienne.


Mumure said...

Chinese New Year,love the way they celebrate it!

Galina said...

Beautiful kit, sweetie!

Linda said...

This looks great! I'll be purchasing it for sure!