Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Snaps & Scraps

I returned from a quick trip to London yesterday. We were very lucky to get really inexpensive round trip tickets a couple weeks ago (75 euros for 4 people!!! is that crazy???) so we decided to go during the kids' winter break for a 4 days. Not long but hotel prices in London make up for the cheap flights!!! I didn't bring my laptop (poor Vanessa having to deal with everything, sorry, hon!) as I knew I wouldn't have time. We did a whirlwind tour of the various markets and neighborhoods (we had been to London's tourist traps at other times) and it was fun. We did get to stop at the British National Museum and also the National Library. And it was there I got to see the Guttenburg Bible, and a few other amazing book relics. But now, it's just great to be back home.

It's a fresh take on scrapbooking, whether it be paper, hybrid or digital. The colors are an amazing neutral grey with yellow counterpoints. Check out the paper:

Wordart is included:

and these amazing brushes:

Here are a couple layouts to whet your appetite:

from Eryn

from Aniko

from Holly at the DigiChick:

from Gina:

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Heather T. said...

Oh, you guys amaze me... and that layout by Holly! WOWZA!

So glad you got to have a fun little vacation, Vivie!