Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NSD and DigiChick's 6th Anniversary

Wow!!! We're starting early! It's the DigiChick's 6th Anniversary and the designers have a birthday kit at 50% off for the entire month!

And the fun continues with grab bags, amazing kits at $1, $2, and $3 each! Head over to see our dollar element packs. AND ALL OUR KITS ARE 30% OFF!!! (excluding bundles as they are less) and just for you blog readers:
AN EXTRA COUPON TO MAKE IT A LITTLE BETTER!!! 10% OFF extra so it's 40% off!

exp. 5-10
only at the DigiChicks

Over at DigiScrapWarehouse, our CU is 40% off and you get a free with $10 purchase of anything in the whole shop along with special coupons for NSD only...

It's gonna be an exciting weekend with it being Mother's Day too!!! Can't wait to shop and play!

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