Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration

So, we had another long weekend here in Denmark. Ascension Day, on Monday, and everything was closed and I was very happy for the extra day to do nothing. My SIL had a birthday party and I helped with the food and I learned a lesson about wearing high heels when you have to walk so much! My hips were quite sore afterwards and it didn't help when DH decided it was time to clip the hedge (it did need it!). I did a little bit of it while he was taking a break (we have a LOT of hedge). Yep, pretended the hedge was him and almost lopped the whole thing off! HEEEE HEEEE! My arms are sore now. Can we say, I never excercise?

Today I wanted to show you some gorgeous extra pages that come from our CT. Absolutely stunning work that needs to be shown off cause we are so proud of them and what they do for us!

This is the kit they worked with this last week:

We worked with Danyale and she has amazing design instincts!

Here are some layouts to inspire you:

Such a varied group and you can see each personality coming out of their layouts. I always find it amazing to see such different styles out of one kit.

Enjoy your day!

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Heather T. said...

Gorgeous stuff, as always! Really a lovely color scheme, too.