Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Charity Kit

Today, we are introducing to you our Charity Kit, to benefit SEWA, a non profit organization that helps the street children of Nepal. The kit looks like this:

This kit was inspired by my (Vivienne's) neighbor in Holland. We were very lucky to live next door to Harry and Marlene, two very special people. Harry is a tour guide to Nepal and Tibet, but to a select group of physically challenged people. He takes handicapped people on fantastic tours that would be normally difficult to manage (his site here). But he does more than that. He also provides aid to an orphanage in Katmandu and helped to develop a hotel that provides amenities to the handicapped travelers. His and Marlene's selflessness is amazing to see. I am so happy to call myself a friend. So, this kit was developed with his images of the Himalayan area.

And here is what our team did with it.

Remember that in purchasing this kit, all proceeds (after fees) will be sent to help the street children.

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