Friday, September 23, 2011


Do you DigiDare?  Have you tried?  This is such a fun and great idea.  For me, its hard to stop for a minute and do something else that is not related to designing or working (I also work as a copywriter/marketer IRL) and DigiDares made me do that.  Stop and think and do something fun within a guideline in scrapping.  It actually made me scrap pages!!!  Or at least, jump start it.  So, now, what's been fun is that our team has been daring each other to do this too!!!  And now, for the last weeks, we've had winners coming from OUR TEAM!!!  Last night's was Vanessa's night, winning the random draw and this was her layout:

The week before, was Wulan:
And one week, it was Cynthia who got the pick and I got the random pick:

Really, its been so much fun to do this, so if you haven't tried, I challenge you!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Charity Kit Payment

First, wanted to say thank you to everyone who purchased the Katmandu kit for the charity of SEWA. We raised $100 (US dollars) and I sent it off to them. This is the response back.

Dear Vivienne, 
Thank you so much for the donation you made by paypal to be used for the projects of Sewa Nepal! I am Ginette Vegter, the projectcoach in Nepal, working for sewa for 5 years now (volunteerly). If you want any further information, please feel free to contact me.

With kind regards,
Ginette Vegter

It wasn't a HUGE amount but its something for the kids of NEPAL. This week went by pretty quick and here is our newest this week, a DO IT YOURSELF Tag kit for both hybrid and digital altered art:
Available separately as well as bundled together for a better deal! And here is what it looks like done up:
I did up a hybrid tag...meaning I printed up the papers (they print really beautifully) and cut it up and attached some odds and ends I had in my craft drawer.
from Dita
from Anne
from Margaret
from Lynne
The two from Cynthia about her trip to Turkey.
from Jen And these two, are for the DigiDare #244 playing this week:
Hope you have fun with these, whether its with scissors and glue or with your computer!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Its been a busy week for both of us, lots of designing and plus our other jobs! Sorry our posts have been sporadic. So anyone heard of those popular Smashbooks? A notebook/journal you keep your daily ramblings and designs in...kinda like a digital Pintrest. It's not necessarily a scrapbook of photos but definately similar to the scrapbooks you kept as a child/teen. Here is our version of one, digital of course! It's at the DigiChicks:
And best thing, you can mix and match all our other kits to make it more interesting! It will all tie in. The main kit contains the book, some papers, some backgrounds, and elements to get you started. Here are some closeups:
And our girls did amazing work with it. Remember, all the images contain other elements from other kits (the last one is from a DigiChick's CT member):

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We have two coupons out on Facebook!!! Today is the last day for the 35% off coupon on our DigiChicks store. And there's a 50% off coupon for our DigiScrapWarehouse CU store!!! So head THERE now!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Laitha Designs and ViVa Artistry has some great new addons to the popular Renaissance kit! Check it out at Mariella's store HERE. When you go to her FACEBOOK, take a look at her newsletter where there are some QPs for FREE!!! ENJOY!!! New Facebook CU giftie for you!!! Head over to our FB page and click LIKE for this CU pack just for you!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chick Fix Today!!!

The Chick Fix is up today at the DigiChicks:
It's one color swatch and MANY element packs and mini kits for you to mix and match for a custom kit and its at a special price this weekend ONLY!!! You'll love all the possibilities. Here are our packs:
and up for grabs is a fantastic collab at A GREAT PRICE. It's altered art and the DigiChick Designers had a blast working on it: Here are some gorgeous layouts using Midsummer Night:
These layouts are from Akemi: