Friday, September 23, 2011


Do you DigiDare?  Have you tried?  This is such a fun and great idea.  For me, its hard to stop for a minute and do something else that is not related to designing or working (I also work as a copywriter/marketer IRL) and DigiDares made me do that.  Stop and think and do something fun within a guideline in scrapping.  It actually made me scrap pages!!!  Or at least, jump start it.  So, now, what's been fun is that our team has been daring each other to do this too!!!  And now, for the last weeks, we've had winners coming from OUR TEAM!!!  Last night's was Vanessa's night, winning the random draw and this was her layout:

The week before, was Wulan:
And one week, it was Cynthia who got the pick and I got the random pick:

Really, its been so much fun to do this, so if you haven't tried, I challenge you!!!

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