Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tea for You?

Today's release is Tea Gardens, a pretty, soft and innocent tea party for a sweet layout.

Just a those who are interested, the tea party set are the line drawings created by Yvonne Banham! This is what you could do with those illustrations!!!  It's just one way to play with those drawings.

And here are some amazing ideas for layouts done by our team and by the DigiChick creative team:

Cynthia, mrspeel, made a stunning alpha which we expanded upon and it's on our Facebook page for FREE!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Oh my goodness, that came a bit faster than i anticipated!!!  YAYYY!!!!  we are soooo very honored to be part of the December Daily Digi files!!!  LOOK!!!

There is an interview and some inspiration from their amazing team HERE.  And did you see the lineup for this month!  We are with an amazing set!!!  See it HERE.  Here is our kit included in the files for this month.  It's perfect for all your new year's Project 365 or 52:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some pretty layouts to inspire!!!

It's well into December now and the race is on for Christmas and holidays!  And I'm (Vivienne) moving house!!!  Great timing, we get keys the day after Christmas!!!  Nothing like trying to plan holidays along with packing and painting!!!  Have to downsize a bit too.  We just have way to much junk and the husband is refusing to move all of it!!!  ROFL ROFL...SO, anyway, we have some inspiration for you today:

From Sarah, our master of the understated and most powerful layouts (love that first photo!):

and here is something from Cynthia to her friend Vicky using our FB freebie kit:

and using our 12 Days kit, here is something from Jenn:

and from Margaret:

This month, for December we are in two different venues.  For Scrap N'Art magazine, we are the featured designer!  Get this month's issue to see our interview and get a FREE kit and a coupon!!!  There are fun articles, inspiration, hybrid and papercrafting tutorials, a couple of free downloads and a lot of fun:

see HERE

Our second venue, we'll be posting about in a few days, it'll be about the Daily Digi!!!  YAY!!!  See you then!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chick FIX!!!

And so it's December 1 and the holiday season is starting was it with Black Friday and Cyber Monday?  Got lots of yummy stuff to scrap with?  If not and you need more, look at the awesome Chick Fix this month at the DigiChicks...what an awesome color combo for the holiday season!!!

And we have really fun kits for you at such a special price.  Only $3.00 each for the mini kits at this time!!!  Grab it now before the price goes up to normal price!  It's a great value with approximately 25 elements and 8 papers each (more or less).

Introducing, 12 DAYS and 8 NIGHTS:

12 DAYS of Christmas, following the traditional 12 days of Christmas song:

and 8 NIGHTS of Hanukkah:

Inspiration from the team:

from Bernie

from Cynthia

from Dita

from Mish

from Alanna

from Cynthia

from Dita

from Mish

such wonderful yummyness from everyone!  Love the colors so much!!!  Enjoy!!!