Thursday, June 30, 2011

Siren's Song temptation

Wanna be tempted? Here is the full Siren's Song kit! We loved the colors and theme of the Design Factor's first challenge so much, we created a full kit with it, on sale today and Friday at the DigiChick:

Check out the gorgeous LOs from our team:

And don't forget that the FREEBIE kit at DigiScrapConnect is still available for another week:

click on the image to get you to the FREEBIE!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Design Factor freebie

So Vanessa thinks I'm nuts that I entered the Design Factor considering its summer and she's in Brazil with her family and I've got an onslaught of people coming to visit me the next 3 weeks and then one week mini vacation with family and one week of a sailing vacation and then school starts up again! But, hey, let's try it. So look forward to some new, fun, and free kits! Here's the first:


And, its a matching mini for a kit coming Thursday, the 30th at the DigiChick:

Love the luscious colors, its a fun theme and you can use it in so many different ways! Be on the lookout for it later this week. In the meantime, enjoy the freebie!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chick Fix at the DigiChick

The DigiChick designers all got together and created a whole bunch of mini kits based on this swatch:

Stunning, no?  And look what we made!!!

Remember Beach Blanket Bingo, Gidget and Moondogie?  I adored those old films when I was a child and since we were doing a retro beachy type of kit, well, why not!!!  We added in a few other packs at a special price.  Solid papers...

and glitters to go with all the gorgeousness, because a girl can never have too much glitz...

And of course, inspiration for you:

created by Alannah

created by Bernie

created by Cynthia

created by Dita

created by Gina

created by Margaret

created by Mish

created by Ulrika at the DigiChick

another created by Bernie

D Day...

Today we leave for Brazil. It's our first time flying with all 4 of the kids. I am really looking forward to the visit and spending our summer with family. The girls are beyond excited and have made plans that could last them a full year instead of 2 months. Alissa plans on going to school, taking ballet and piano lessons and "teaching" at my cousin's English school down there. She is the only kid I know that thinks about all this commitment over vacation. I might have to break it to her that she will be spending most of her time PLAYING like any other 7 year old. She might be disappointed LOL.

Maya on the other hand has already warned me that she will be getting just as spoiled as she did last year while there (last year they went just the two of them with my mom). She has asked me if I'm aware that "while she is in Brazil" she gets to watch a movie EVERYDAY and sleep wherever she wants (meaning sleepover at a cousins' house of her choice), and have gum everyday as well as carrot cake in the middle of the afternoon with rights to desert after dinner as well. Yeah, that's my 4 year old, she knows what she wants and she warns you ahead of time so you don't get any ideas of trying to spoil her fun.

In preparation for the trip I have spent the last week between packing and talking to Vi about what we could do to leave some stuff prepared. Packing went well, slowly but surely and now I sit here staring at 8 29" suitcases and thinking how are we going to deal with that plus a stroller plus 4 kids around. The big girls will be taking the train with my FIL to the airport tomorrow while we drive down with the babies and luggage, then FIL will drive the truck back. That was the only way we could make it there without taking multiple cars.

As far as ViVa goes... The two of us have worked like crazy the past few days and I don't know what I would do without that girl. The good news is that we HAVE gotten some cool stuff done and I'm ready to show you a little sneak peek at what is in store this week. The best part is that we are not alone. The girls at TDC have a surprise for you on Thursday and if you like our little preview here, you will be blown away about all the gorgeousness coming your way this Thursday.

So it's good-bye for now, I'm hoping to be working a bit while there but just enough to keep in touch. I want to enjoy my time with family but most of all relax. I gotta take advantage of all the free babysitting we will be getting kwim?

Hugs and more hugs.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration

So, we had another long weekend here in Denmark. Ascension Day, on Monday, and everything was closed and I was very happy for the extra day to do nothing. My SIL had a birthday party and I helped with the food and I learned a lesson about wearing high heels when you have to walk so much! My hips were quite sore afterwards and it didn't help when DH decided it was time to clip the hedge (it did need it!). I did a little bit of it while he was taking a break (we have a LOT of hedge). Yep, pretended the hedge was him and almost lopped the whole thing off! HEEEE HEEEE! My arms are sore now. Can we say, I never excercise?

Today I wanted to show you some gorgeous extra pages that come from our CT. Absolutely stunning work that needs to be shown off cause we are so proud of them and what they do for us!

This is the kit they worked with this last week:

We worked with Danyale and she has amazing design instincts!

Here are some layouts to inspire you:

Such a varied group and you can see each personality coming out of their layouts. I always find it amazing to see such different styles out of one kit.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On My Desk and FREEBIE!

We had the pleasure of working with an amazing sister designer at the DigiChick, Danyale of Etc by Danyale! We love her sense of humor and ability to go with the flow and her patience. Both Vanessa and I had tough number of days last week with family events and had limited hours in the day to design and we seemed to be all over the place but LOOK AT THIS AMAZING KIT that came out!

A gorgeous kit (yes, we like it!) that includes elements, papers, masks, photo edges, and an alpha and a bundle if you want it all!

Check out the details:

Do you see those really cool elements? Danyale's stuff blends so nicely with ours! It was awesome how seamlessly the two designs worked. We wanna work again with her!!!

Here are some inspiration from our CT, Danyal's CT and the DigiChick CT:

and here is the freebie you were looking for, a matching wordart pack perfect for the bundle:

As an extra...check out the EXCLUSIVE GIFTIE Danyale prepared for you! Head over to her Facebook (click on the image)for it:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scrap n Art Feature

Hey everyone!!! Grab the June issue of Scrap n Art (!!! We are the featured artists this month and there's an exclusive ViVa kit in there to download!!! We were thrilled to be part of this magazine this month. It's a traditional AND digital scrapbooking magazine full of inspiration and ideas! Grab your issue today!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Happenings!

June is a busy month for both Vanessa and I. We're starting with each of our 2nd daughters having birthday. My Isabella has one on Friday and Vanessa's Maya has one on Sunday. PLUS, my friend Yvonne Banham (the illustrator/doodler) is coming up from Holland to visit us (along with husband and daughter) here in Denmark for this long weekend. Yep, its a holiday today, Ascension Day, so everyone is off Thursday to Sunday! So excited to have this time with friends and family.

ViVa Artistry has been busy too!! We have a new collection, one perfect for putting together family histories or for memory books. We were inspired by the paintings of Mary Cassett who specialized in stunning portraits of mother and child and used such softness and light in her art.

And at DigiScrapWarehouse, we have this awesome doodle from Yvonne! Don't forget, great for all your scrap kits and blogs and no credits necessary!

I personally love the giraffe in ballet shoes!

Ok, for the inspiration!  OMG, the girls are amazing.  They put together so many gorgeous layouts!!!  Here they are with the last two coming from the DigiChick CT, Livy and Pamie (thank you so much for stunning layouts, girls!):