Friday, October 28, 2011

Digital Stamps and Winter Solstice!

We have two products out again this week, the first being a digital stamp made from Yvonne Banham's illustrations of four birds...

and here is a sample created by Vanessa:

A note of explanation, these illustrations used to be part of DigiScrapWarehouse as CU.  We closed our store there as it was difficult maintaining two different stores.  What we are doing now, is keeping it all under one roof and adding in the possibility of using these images as stamps.  We created layered PSD masks to the files to make it easier for you to play with.  So you get PNG files, ABR file, and layered PSD files with a PU/CU/Web friendly licensing in one purchase.  Also, we heard from several customers that you would tutorials for coloring these line drawings???  Be on the lookout for this!!!

We are so sad that it is our last week at ScrapMatters.  We have really enjoyed being on the design team for the month of October and here is our last offering there:

Here is inspiration from both our CT and the ScrapMatters CT...WOW!!!

These ladies did the most amazing work!!! I can't believe the different looks that came out of this one little kit.  All of their individual personalities sure came out!

Please don't forget that this is the last weekend for the clearing out the cobwebs sale at the DigiChick.  All retired products will be removed and gone forever after this month is over so grab it now while it's at 50% off and more.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Layouts and more layouts

So, we have two new releases for at the DigiChick and one at ScrapMatters where we are guesting for the month of October.  First up at the DigiChick, we created a kit designed for those yoga layouts or maybe a "learn to balance" layout.  It could even fit an "I am..." theme or challenge:

And there is matching wordart and alpha for this kit:

Check out inspiration for this:

And, for ScrapMatters, we decided to do a shadowbox/memory box type of kit, especially for boys!!!  We rarely do boy kits and knew it was time!!!

and of course, we have inspiration from both our CT and the ScrapMatters team:

Vanessa and I both were intrigued with the DigiDares this week (#248) and decided to play:

Vivienne's layout:

Vanessa's layout

Vivienne's layout used mostly Return to Oz and Illuminated Journal 3 kits and Vanessa used the Found Art kit.  We loved creating the gameboards...we really found the DigiDares to be a fun challenge and something that gets us out of our designing/layout ruts!!!  I'm heading out to the west coast this weekend to spend some time with my in-laws.  I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Awesome stuff!

We are in amazement with the layouts being created with our Oz kits.  So much fun!  But check out this amazing hybrid done by ScrappyCath!!!

Love them!!!  We think it printed up beautifully and Cathy said the box holds a tape dispenser in the shape of red shoes!!!  What a perfect gift with matching packaging....I WANT ONE!!!

Here are some amazing layouts done by the creative team at Scrap Matters:

and this one is from our own Caits, returning back to scrapping and doing up this page that WE ALL can relate to:

Friday, October 14, 2011

Return to OZ! and freebie!

Did the Wizard of Oz movie scare you as much as it scared me, watching it as a child?  I can remember how scared I was watching it and how much I actually loved watching it even knowing it was scary!!!  We've returned to Oz in this kit for our 2nd week at Scrap Matters and its on sale!

I have to admit, this was a tough kit for us to figure out in our style and when it did finish up and finally previewed, it came out a lot better than we expected and now we are very pleased with the look of it.  We hope you like it too...our CT sure did:

On a quick note, did you know how OZ was named?  Baum, the author, was looking around his office and saw a file divider with O-Z on know, the A-N and O-Z files???  Well, that became the Oz....funny...enjoy your weekend! 

For the freebie, head over to our Facebook and grab this fantastic little didn't quite fit the kit but you may want the pieces as well:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wall Art for the girls room!

Being that as Vi said Alissa loves cats, Van Gogh and music... I just thought it was appropriate that I finally used our work to make her something special for her room. I plan on having these print and put in 8x10 shadow boxes to hang above her bed. I will also be printing a photo of our own cat to go in between these two ;)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Guesting at Scrap Matters!!!

For the month of October, we'll be guesting at Scrap Matters!!! Whooohoooo! We are so excited for this! And take a look at what we have there!!! What a fun kit! Vanessa has a love of cats and so does her daughter Alyssa!!! Here is the perfect kit for it! Take a closer look:
And from our awesome team:
Don't forget to grab the freebie in the next post down!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steampunk Time! and Freebie

First, CONGRATULATIONS to Vanessa (yes, Vivienne is writing this) for getting the cover of Artisan Notebook this month. Her amazing layout is so perfect and hey, it helps when you not only have a great photo, when you LOOK that good!!! and have a husband who looks at you that way!!!
She used our Kallah wedding kit. Please grab a copy of the notebook if you wanna see more on it. The theme is All About Us, which can mean many things in scrapbooking. Yep...we are on the steampunk wagon. We both love the images of steampunk, so romantic and so industrial all at the same time, it's almost opposing in the way it makes you feel when you look them and yet, so stylish!!! Here are two little packs:

And both can be used in so many different ways! Ok, so the 2nd one is more Halloween-ish but really, those insects can decorate much more than just Halloween type pages! If you have boy layouts needing robotic styled insects, hey, its the perfect thing!!! Some images for you:

from Caren
from Anne
from Vanessa
from Cynthia
from Gerli
from Margaret
and, hey don't forget that this month, we have a bunch of kits retiring for UP TO 60% off!!! If you are collecting, grab the ones you don't have! They won't get any cheaper than that!!! If you aren't collecting, maybe you want to try our stuff out? or maybe you just liked that kit and never got around to buying's your chance! Click on the banner above to get you to our sale! Of course, check out the rest of the sale...there's a ton of stuff from the DigiChick designers that are retiring! and HERE IS YOUR FREEBIE!!!

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