Thursday, January 5, 2012


It's been a while.  But, Happy New Year!!!  and we hope your holidays were wonderful!  Mine (Vivienne) was involved with moving.  I spent the whole of December painting up the old place and packing.  In Denmark, you have to leave the old place the same as when you came in.  We were trying to save the cost of professional painters, which are ridiculously expensive here (any labor is actually), so since I've had experience with 5 other homes being painted, I took on the job and let me tell you, my arm was about to fall off.  I did not only the walls but all the doors and paneling!!!  And, happy to say, the landlord accepted it and is giving us back our security deposit.  At our last apartment, they didn't accept my paintjob and hired professional painters so we ended up paying for it both times!!!  And, we are now finally moved in and I'm out from under all the boxes.  Just the office left since its the place we throw everything into currently.  I'm very happy to be in my new home. It's a bit smaller (less cleaning!!!) but it certainly is warmer (our old place was old and drafty and too large) and suits us better.

And now, Vanessa is starting to pack and she is moving!!!  So I hope to be able to hold down the fort as she did for me!!!

For the start of the year, we have joined in with the other DigiChick Designers in the Tell Your Story kits!  You can head HERE for a special blog all about recording your family's everyday stories!!!  And HERE is a special section at the DigiChick for kits related to memory keeping, whether its Project 365, 52, or LIFE!!!

Our release this week is a kit and some add-ons, also bundled together for a special price and they are on introductory price today and Friday, the 6th!

I think I can vouch for the whole team that we have been blessed this past year!  And that is what this kit is all about!

These journaling cards can be used either digitally or in hybrid form.  If you are doing Project Life, you can print these up on your printer at home and adhere onto cardstock, or print on photo paper (which is heavier) and use a CD marker or permanent marker for your journaling to insert into the plastic pockets of your book.  These are useful for a number of things.  You could even print up a stack for everyday memos!

The solids are slightly embossed for a terrific texture for your layouts!

And, here's the bundle:

Some wonderful inspiration from our team:

created by Mish

created by Julie

created by Sarah

created by Anne

created by Dita

created by Margaret

created by Cynthia

And, we'd love to introduce our newest Creative Team Member, Vicky!!!!  She does some amazing layouts and here is one from her:

These layouts were done by the DigiChick Team:

created by Jaime

created by Kate


Heather T. said...

Oooh, love this color palette and your elements.

Good luck to both of you with moving!

Manu Namreh said...

wow... so amazing stuff and so great pages!

shi zhan said...

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