Friday, February 24, 2012


We have a lovely freebie on our Facebook, created by our own Cynthia (mrspeel), it's an alpha for the moving kit Relocate!!!  Grab it now so that your titles will match!!!  And, it's versatile enough to use for so many other kits!!!

So, while I was in London, I took the opportunity to meet up with Cynthia!!!  My oh my, was that a fun afternoon.  It's too bad I was only there for a long weekend with my family!  I almost wish I could of ditched  them!  ROFL.  I got to meet Sarita (the subject of most of Cynthia's layouts) and she is so much prettier in person and so friendly!!!  And I loved the fact that she stayed to chat with us...and MAKE US PANCAKES!  Now, I've only ever had fat American pancakes and Danish style thin pancakes (which we eat with raspberry jam and powder sugar) so I had to try what they say is traditional British pancakes.  Sarita showed me how to squeeze lemon juice on the pancake and sprinkle granulated sugar on it and then roll it up and POP them into your mouth!  WOW!!!  love the contrast in sweet, sour, and pancake.  Luscious with my very British milky tea.  And yes, Cynthia and I didn't stop talking, too much to talk about and I was supposed to meet up with DH at 7pm but that didn't happen.  I was LATE.  Let me tell you, that was just two of us.  Can you imagine if our whole CT (about 20 of us) got together???  It would be one rocking loud chick party!!!  Thank you so much Cynthia and Sarita for your hospitality and I'm so very happy to meet you both!


Granny Enchanted said...

I highlighted your freebie on my blog today. Thank you.

Lou Anne said...

I found your freebie info on Granny Enchanted's blog and I love it! Thank you!

jan said...

Thank you for the beautiful gift. Your work is fabulous!