Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Relocate, new kit in the store!

Well, it seems we are not good bloggers this month!  In light of my (Vivienne's) move and Vanessa's impending move (2 weeks away!) how could we not come up with a moving house kit?  Here it is:

So, I've settled into our new location, but I HAVE NO MOVING photos.  In the mess of our move, I forgot!  and too bad because some of it was just very funny.  We ended up having 6 very nice young men helping us along with 4 of my friends and a couple of Karl's friends and at one point, there were more boxes and furniture outside along the side of the road where the truck was that DD1 said it looked like we were being evicted.  The truck just couldn't keep up with the rate! glad it is over with for now!

Here is some awesome layouts from both our team and the DigiChick team:

Last week, my girls were on their winter break and we took a chance for a quick trip to London for a long weekend.  The girls got to spend the time with two of their friends who live there and DH had some much needed rest.  We both brought our laptops but ended up not even cracking them open.  DH and I went to the Victoria and Albert museum and then spent some time at Waterstone's enjoying the huge selection of books.  Living in Denmark, I tend to ignore conversations around me in Danish, because I don't quite get ALL of it.  I had the hardest time in London, not listening in to EVERYONE'S conversation in English.  It was almost annoying.  On Sunday, the girls came back and we caught a matinee of Lion King.  What a superb show.  No wonder the director won so many awards when it first came out!  

And, just in case you didn't see our last kit, it's a safari styled one inspired by Out of Africa.  I'm nuts about Karen Blixen's writings and the movie itself was gorgeous.  This kit, LOST WORLD, is not only for African Safari memories (not all of us get to go on one!) but you can use it for zoo photos, Disney photos, art journaling and more.  Our team found it extremely versatile to use:

I love the look and feel of this kit!

Happy scrapping, ladies!!!

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